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15th October (Thursday)

Went to Walsall last night and played the £30 T/C freezeout, made the first break with above ave chips of 11k, get settled in for the start of level 4 (200/400) when there is a raise to 2k from mid position, I flat call from the sb TJ suited and get a rainbow flop of J72, I check out and this lad now bets 3600 leaving himself 4200 seeing that he’s got enough behind him to pass if he’s got a marginal holding like AQ/AK I shove over the top to which he says after a short dwell “I haven’t got enough to pass” and flips AQ, you guessed it a queen on the river, the remaining 1200 go in next hand on my button with 45 suited and I get looked up by AT suited… on to the cash table

I had a phone call from Direct Line yesterday to say that they were ready to pay my claim out for the Burst Main pipe that I had over at Telford recently, Was I aware that and it states in the small print that any claim paid out in the first year where the client is on a monthly D/D arrangement then any claim settlement that gets paid out will have to pay the remaining months premiums before the client gets the remainder of the claim. I’ve got five houses on this policy and the excess is £200 for every claim whereas before when I insured them individually my excess was only around £35/50 each house. Also they had reduced my builder’s claim by £75 as he had put this down as travel expenses for two journeys from Cannock to Telford and back, as they don’t allow for travel costs? – The only reason I went with them in the first instance was because they were marginally cheaper over the year (if I don’t claim) than insuring the properties individually. I said to the bloke on the phone that I would have to think twice about taking my business else where next year along with my car insurance if this was going to be their stance and if this term was written in larger print than the small print T&Cs then I wouldn’t have bothered with them in the first place. They’re coming back to me later today

Getting my stuff ready for the journey tomorrow to Dublin for the Boylepoker IPO  (you can back me on this link although the price is a bit shit at 200/1 although Andrea looks a good each way bet at 500/1 we are playing on Saturday and we will more than likely play the comp at the sporting emporium (myself and Andrea have good cash/results from here) tomorrow night in the 40euro with one rebuy/top up comp as it’s such a nice card room with friendly staff, the exchange rate is shit at the moment so the euros that we brought back from Spain will come in useful, We are staying in the Jury’s Inn which is just over the way from where young Steven Gately is to be buried on Saturday.


The Baron said...


He's calling 4,200 into a pot of 15,600 and has 10 outs twice (c.40%). An easy call?


Steve H. said...

Depends what he's putting me on really baron, remembering that I flat called his 2k pre flop action I could be sat there with JJ, AJ,QJ,QQ,KK,AK or even AA either way, if I'd have been oppo I would have folded there and looked for a better spot - I simply cant condone calling off for your tourney when you know your behind, I excuse he's play as it was a £30 comp and he was probably inexperienced.

In my own admission I played it badly in hindsight by not betting out on the flop, If I do then he has to fold there.

Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

Good luck in Ireland Steve, I'm gonna have a punt a 200/1 no pressure, just win the fucker!

Steve H. said...

Thanks Martin but no more than a £5 each way!!! see you in Blackpool soon mate

Fenix35 said...

gl in Ireland Steve!

Wildcat said...

Best of luck, hope you take it down!

The Baron said...

To be fair, in my opinion you've both made a bit of a mess of it!

I disagree on the calling off the tourney if you know you're behind though - once I've put you on the top pair, and i've got the odds, I'll make the call for my tournament life. How on earth else are you going to make any headway if you pass up every +EV opportunity?

Steve H. said...

Baron, I'm amazed that such a quality player as yourself sir would admit to calling off your tourney with 1 possibly 2 overcards after putting me on top pair with poss an ace leaving you with 3 outs if youve got AQ is that really a +EV opp?
Anyways have a good weekend - fish

The Baron said...

I am fish. So much so I've misread this hand. I thought the flop was J 10 2 and you had J 7 ... He of course has 6 outs twice, not 10, and it *should* be a fairly easy fold for him.