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14th October (Wednesday)

I managed to get nine holes of golf in at Manston golf club (9 hole course) next to Kent’s international Airport.

Lady luck was definitely not on my side yesterday.

I had a good table redraw with most of the big stacks all on the other table, I made a couple of early position raises that I had to pass to a reraised when I had marginal hands 88 and AJ. I was down to 19k with the blinds at 1000/2000/200 when I pick up pocket 6s utg and decide to get it all in to pick up the 4.6k in the middle, I get an insta call from the button who’s got pocket aces. I exit in 15th place.

I then play the sup sat £50 rebuy for the main event after I confirm that I can use the seat for Blackpool, 2 rebuy’s and three out draws later and I decide not to do the add on.

I then leave the building to get some fresh air deciding on a walk along the sea front. There’s a snooker hall at cliftonville so decide to walk up there (about 1 ½ miles) and I bump into John (river as usual) Miller on the way who also fancy’s a game, John then batters me 3-0 we’re both shit - but the company was good.

70 odd runners stump up the £330 for the evening event and I get off to a good start and I am soon up to 7k +my 3.5k ticket without putting my chips at risk really. Chris Brammer was sat on my table along with a couple of faces that I recognised. Chris won the Nottingham leg of the Coral/Gala British Masters and I look forward to playing with him again soon at our 8 seated final table some time early in November. Effty from Brighton who I have mentioned before in my posts was sat to my right, now I’ve roomed with effty before and have a good idea on his game, button limps on my bb and effty (sb) says, “I’ll limp – you raise – I’ll fold” so I raise to 850 with the blinds at 50/100, button folds and effty decides to go all in for like 5.5k total, I know he’s making a move for the pot so I call with my AQ suited and he flips 52 and flops a 5 but then decides to ask me wtf I’m calling for? Nh effty!!!

I take my second load of chips and get a new table when we are broken up, I get blinded down to 3k when I pick up pocket 8s on my bb and there are 4 limpers at 200/400 level so I shove it all in and get looked up by pocket jacks and I fail to improve.

Played a little cash but my mind wasn’t in the right frame so I hit the sack before 1am ready for my drive back to the midlands today.

The weeks ex’s so far are over £900 so will be looking for a decent cash in Dublin to pull some of that back.


Kevin Stevens said...

Good luck in Ireland Steve, just came back from Killarney myself and must say that I found the exchange rate crippling.

Amatay said...

u playin the IPO m8? Hopefully see u there :-)

wizardoz said...

Hello Steve, Its the not so fat Aussie here. I thought your push with 66 utg was (although probably trying to exploit a tight image)a bad move considering hand fragility and position, you still had fold equity for at least another round and a chance to hit a better hand.
The call with AQ whilst understandable was also questionable considering your good chip stack and that you were only 65% fav. You were gambling and had no need to do so at this stage of the tournament. Bad play my friend.

Dave "Bruce" Lea said...

Hi Steve, I am good mates with Martin "BigBills" Devlin we go all over the place playing poker together. I have seen you a few times but never spoke to you, I always read your blog and have just started my own http://davebrucelea.blogspot.com/
Check it out and see what you think, I am trying to get some traffic going through it. Good luck at the tables!!

Dom said...

Wizard- Steve's ship with 66 utg is standard. He has fold equity and may fold out holding's which are basically flipping against him.

Why wait another round getting ante'd off when you actually have a chance to get your chips in with a half decent hand. His position in the hand and solid image would also influence those such as yourslef to assign him a range narrower than you should, thus perhaps folding 77, 88 and even 99 oop.

He is officialy short stacked and 'waiting another round' rather than 'exploiting' his fold equity here is just plain wrong.

As for the aq that is a standard call. The mistakes in the hand are elsewhere. The OPEN limp from the button along with the speech play is appaulling, the size of steve's raise pre 8.5x- is a little spewy, but given that and the obvious history between the two players in the hand, steve's call is a snap.

For steve to raise to 850 and then fold to the ship would be so atrocious it's unreal.

An edge i believe steve has over your average circuit player is that he reads these situations well, he knows the button is going to make this funky/donk move with air, and his aq is well ahead of his range.

End of slight rant. :)