on 11:15

13th October (Tuesday)
Just about to go and grab 9 holes of golf before I make my way over to the casino for the 2pm start, there will be a re draw for seats and the ave is 31k and there is 22 of us left in the mix, other names still left in there include Jeff Kimber, William Martin and although I recognise one or two others I don’t know their names (sorry). I’m just about ave with the blinds at 800/1600/100 when we settle back in.

The above pic is the view from my bedroom window, as you can see it’s a bit overcast but the weather is still fairly mild.

12th October (Monday)
I was really looking forward to playing the two side events down at Thanet this week at the GUKPT £200 and £300 today and tomorrow with both of them being a two day comp, but one of my so called mates has let me down again in paying back a large sum of money (mates and gamblers don’t mix – honestly) and I was relying on this money for these events. I go over to Telford to see Michelle and get my hair cut while I’m over there, I also take my clubs with me, after leaving Michelles and on my way to the golf club I do a sudden turn at the island and think “fuck it” I drive back home, load my suitcase and lappy, load the sat nav with the postcode of the casino and I’m on the Motorway heading south for my 214 journey.

I get to the casino just before 6pm and have a chat with Zak, I book in for today and tomorrow and then go off in search of digs, the travel lodge is chokka so I head towards Broadstairs, I find this B&B but he’s only got a double at £70 per night, I try to get him down telling him that the travel lodge is just £52 per night and he says “well fuck off there then son” and shuts the door in my face.

15 minutes later I’m in Margate at the travel lodge and they are full as well, I’m parked just round the corner from this B&B (The Bear Guest House) where I manage to get a bedroom with the choice of four singles in there for just £20 per night, I have a quick look at the room before saying yes, a little bit on the cluttered side down stairs but for £20 a night I only want to et my head down and my room is massive any way.

I make my way over to the casino and get there for just before 8pm, there’s a good crowd already with 111 runners turning up to play this side event £220 creating a pot of £22,200 and a first prize of just over £7k and paying down to 11th spot

I didn’t recognise anyone on my starting table until some 30 minutes in big Karl came and sat two to my right although he was fairly quiet while I was there.

I got moved a total of 6 times throughout the evening and barely getting the chance to settle at any of my tables, on my second table I had been there for around 35 minutes when I had to make a river call for my tourney holding pocket 9s on a board reading 353AJ this got me up to around 12k and we started the evening with 6k

At 1am I was down to 9k having just lost a 40k pot when I hit the nut flush on the river v bb on a board reading 57JQQ unfortunately for me the bb was sitting there with pocket jacks the ave was now 16k and there was 41 runners left with another three 45 minute levels left to play

3.30am I find myself bagging up 31900 after a bit of stealing and getting a double up with TT v AJ and it’s back to my room for a well earned sleep.

11th October (Sunday)
Made the break at the Broadway with above ave chips of 15k, got up to 24kk with the ave at 12k and then got moved when our table got broke. I’m straight in on the BB and I run Jacks into 9s v a shortstack and he flops a nine and takes 6k off me, I fold my sb AT after a raise and reraised before it’s even got to me, My button QQ and there’s a raise to 4k from utg (400/800) so I flat call, putting him on Jacks or worse, flop comes 55k and he fires out a bet of 5k with 10k behind so I decide to push my remaining 13k into the middle, he dwells for a moment and calls with pocket aces, no help and I’m heading down to Walsall to play some cash.

I get to Walsall and Paul Jackson is on the £1/£1 PL Holden cash table only £25 to sit down but there’s a few chunky stacks sat there so I decide on £150, 4 hours later and I exit with £550 so a good evenings work.

Played the evening deepstack at Walsall £50 15k although I was home for midnight when my pocket tens were no match for the QQ of my neighbour on a 7 high flop