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10th October (Saturday)
Checked all my lottery tickets while I been away and I’m still a pauper so it will be back to the grind and the Broadway £30 D/C F/O is on tonight so I will be making my way over there, this normally makes about a £1k for the winner

9th October (Friday)
We got back from Estapona around 2.30am and set the alarm for 10am so we could check out for midday. Having checked out we made our way over to Marbella and found a parking space without any signs telling us our car could get towed away. We walked along the sea front taking in all the shops and the views out to sea and also the harbour, we spent the day here, setting of north on the coast road around 4pm to find somewhere to chillout for a couple of hours and have a meal before going to Malaga for our 10pm flight home.

Dropped the hire car off for around 8.30pm although I nearly had a smash in the car park where we were dropping the car!!!, No queue at the check in and we are in the departure lounge for 8.50pm. The flight was packed and was pretty uneventful till we were about to land at Birmingham, The pilot had warned that it was raining and there was fog at our destination, coming into land we hit some turbulence and there was a bit of a storm outside of my right hand side window, we were sat near the rear of the plane but there was a couple somewhere behind us that had the woman sobbing and the male proclaiming ”oh my god” in a loud voice – we made our way through the cloud and fog cover and around 500 feet up finally seen land just as we were landing to a raptures applaud from the Spanish passengers.

Spain was fantastic; the weather was absolutely on the nail every day with most days being around 32/33 while in the evenings it was dropping to just 23/24. The streets were absolutely spotless whilst I can’t say the same for Gibraltar. I would deffo go back to the del sol again but not to the same hotel (El Paraiso ****) this was a nice hotel but certainly didn’t merit 4 stars and I think we could have got a similar priced deal by renting a golf villa for a week. The betfred womens spanish leg for next year will be eagerly awaited by many from these shores.

8th October (Thursday)
Played a round of golf over at Estapona Golf course today having agreed e69 for green fee, buggy and clubs. A great bargain really except for the fact that I got lost on the way there and missed my 12:54 tee time arriving at 13:40 and having to go out behind 6 groups of 4 balls!!!

I decided that I was going to enjoy the round and not put pressure on myself by ripping through the field or getting called through so I lagged back and played 2 balls down the field of play. Some 5 hours later at 18:40 I’m heading back to the hotel having had a great day on the course and looking forward to the evening game of poker over in Calahonda at the Caesars bar run by Donna and Dave

We get there for around 8.45pm and already there are 5 tables on the go but we both manage to get in as alternates, although I’m out just after the first break when I push my short stack all in with A8 suited v AA.

Andrea makes final table although just missus out on the money, we both sit down to play some cash where we manage to start a round of each e1/e2 e200 max and within 1 hour I’m in for e300 after a couple of outdraws – by the end of the evening I walk of another e250 to the good and Andrea is up around e50 so not a bad nights work, if your ever in Marbella or Calahonda then make your way over to the Caesar Bar where you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome from Donna and Dave who run the place and will always make you feel welcome, you also get a good exchange rate in there, at the time of writing this post we were getting 110 euro for £100, on a side note the home made chicken curry’s are first class for just 5.50euro. Hope to see both Dave and Donna at the Liverpool winter festival in a couple of weeks.