on 15:56

Just got back from a round of golf.

I broke one of my shafts while out on the course just through wear and tear rather than bad temper. I go to Sports Division and get a brand New set of John Daly clubs all boxed up with a bag and so many other goodies that I cant wait to get home and start playing with my new toy--- One hour later I’m home and raring to go like a young lad with a new toy – shit, I’ve only gone and brought left handed clubs home, DURRRRRR

Will play the heavyweight game on Blue Sq tonight along with the Boylepoker Deepstack and the $10 feeder on Gala/Coral for the next leg of the British Masters in Bristol.

Going to Blackpool tomorrow for the £100 15k deepstack that’s expected to get 180/200 runners.

24th September

Played in the £165 freeze out at Broadway but bust out shortly after the second break with just 18 runners remaining.


Michael said...

Hi Steve, finally catching up with some reading. Congrats on the result. Shame I missed it.