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18th Sept (Friday)
Arrived in Liverpool just in time for the start of the £200 after getting caught in traffic on that M6 car park for over 90minutes. Just under 70 runners make the field up.

I get off to a good start flopping the nuts with Q7 on a QQ7 board with Neil Batchley holding QJ remarking “I’m amazed that we didn’t get it all in” after having taken around 1400 from his starting stack of 7500 – Next hand I get involved with is on the button holding 67 suited on an unraised pot. 5 to the flop, comes 877 bet and 2 calls round to me, worried about my kicker so I just flat it, Ace on turn and now I don’t know where I am so I just flat call the bet, 7 on the river and I know where I am now so I re-raise the bet and the call round to me picking up a call from the original bet.

I got 12k within 10 minutes of the start and coasting, when in the blinds again level 2 (sb) I got j6 on an unraised pot again when the flop comes 745 with two clubs, checks to the button who makes a massive overbet of 1500 into a pot of 500 so I flat call thinking that the button’s on the flush draw, 3 on the turn gives me the straight so I check to the button who throws in 2k and he’s got another 4.5k behind so I put him all in still believing that he’s on the flush draw, he snap calls with 68 with the higher straight (great read). Down to 2.5k and 20 minutes to the break at the end of the 3rd level I move up a gear getting back up to 5k but get bust out by the same player on the button who raise’s after it’s folded round to him so I shove over the top with pocket tens, he calls and flips over A7, I thought I’m in good shape here till the board runs out QJ4K “T”

I go for a curry with fellow bustee Dave Maudlin, Howie and Colin in some great old place down on the Albert Dock, a little bit pricey but a great meat 10/10 declining a night out on the town I decide to go back to the casino to see how Paul “Newey” Newman is doing and with 28 left he’s still in the mix albeit a little bit short stacked. I decide to hit the cash table £1/£2 NL £50 min which was a little tight at first but soon got lively when Andy’s mate joined the table and started Mississippi straddling – 3 hours later and I hit the sack 8 buy ins up.

19th September (Saturday)
Having arranged to meet Dave Maudlin for breakfast I give him a call about mid day but his still comatosed from last night so I take the B&B’s breakfast, a little bit on the greasy side but manages to fill a hole in my stomach. I get down to the casino for the 3pm start time, had a quick drink with Richie Hale and had a look at my starting table and was not to pleased to see Jonathon Lundy, Rich (mad as a wasp), Neil Batchley and the recent Tee Side winner in seats 1 though to 5 with me stuck in seat 3.

2 minutes in (3rd hand) and Frazer Bellamy (recent DTD £300 winner – August) joins the table in seat 10 as an alternate and posts his late fee and immediately is in the bb, I remark to Neil that if your in a pot with him he will massively overbet and put you to the test (information I gathered from sitting on his table at the September DTD), anyways, I’m 3rd to speak and raise it up with T 6 clubs, folds to Frazer who flat calls, flop comes Kc 4c 9h checks to me so I pot bet 350 he then re-pops me to 1500 – I said to Neil “see what I mean” I call the extra and a 2d comes on 4th street to which he fires a bet of 2500, I call for the flush draw and I aint really putting him on any of the board although he could have the 9, he’d of re-raised pre with the king so my only scare card was the 9, the 6h on the river and he insta shoves all in and sticks his head down, I tank for a minute and decide that I’m going to call, I make the call and he just taps the table and insta mucks. Our first table was a very hard table and the first walk on the table came in level 4 of these 1 hour levels so every pot was being contested.

Our table got broken up just at the end of level 4 and I went to my new table holding 26k with the ave at 13,500. I raise utg with TT to 950 with the blinds at 150/300 which gets a call, and a raise to 3250 and a re-raise a/I of 9600 so I make an easy pass, the a/I had QQ – I go card dead for around 90 minutes and fail to play any hands at all apart from 1 bluff where I re-raised with air to 4800 from 1600 and he insta shove over the top and I’m forced to pass, my stack quickly dropped to 17k with the ave at 19k so I requested a card change on the button but got moved on the BB before I could change the cards. On my new table, Mad as a wasp is one of the chip leaders along with ash Hussain, I observe for about 30 minutes when on my BB the sb pushes all in after it folded round to him – I got 16800 which was 100 more than the sb, the blinds were 600/1200 at this point and there was about 35 runners left, I said “ok – I’ll gamble with you” called with my KQo and I’m in good shape when he flips Q7o, I catch a king on the flop and this gets me up to just under 35k

The game was stopped at the end of level 9 with just 18 runners out of the original 73 runners left. I got 41700 chips going back into final day with the ave at 40600 finally get my head down at 4am and hoping for a few hours sleep.

20th September (Sunday)
7.30am and I’m woken up with the sound of this broad accent shouting instructions out in the street below my bedroom window, this continues for about ten minutes and I think to myself “what the fuck is going on” – The B&B that I’m stopping at is in an industrial area on the Waterloo Road (City B&B) and is smack bang middle of the North fun run track and the marshals are directing traffic right outside. I have to move the car off the main road into the side street and I’m told that it will be busy till mid-day, Not being able to get my head down again with all the noise I check the updates on awop – I’m chip leader (just) on my table of 9 players with 41700

Rob Baker 35k
Richie Whitmore 18k
John Angus 41k
William Folwall 41k
Ash Hussain 33k
John Bousfield 33k
Richard Buck 33k
Frank Kenny 16k

Our table is dwarfed looking at the other chip counts of
Zak Ford 42k
Ray Bone 50k
Brian Littlewood 62k
Will Leckie 78k
Paul Green 15k
Mark Trett 56k
Greg Hunt 27k
Mick Fletcher 31k
Mark James 81,200 (chip daddy)

Been on the Hendon mob and done some research on the players left and apart from the shortstack on my table Frank Kenny who is to 2 my left with 16k I think it’s now a case of trying to steal in the blinds without over-committing myself and waiting for big hands to shove against any steals, blinds when we go back are 800/1600/200 with the ave at 40k meaning that there is still shit loads of play with most players having 25xbb. I’m sure that there will be many twists and turns today and that’s the nature of the game, you can have a game plan but the poker gods still need to be looking down on you once your in the middle and on your back. Making final table is my first objective today and then hopefully to push on from there and try to get one of the elusive seats for the “Final sponsorship table” is my ultimate goal today but I also recognise that there’s some very useful players left in the mix and they are all thinking along the same lines as myself so it really is a case of playing the hands when you get them.

Off for some breakfast now with the geordie lads, fingers crossed.


Fenix35 said...

good luck steve!

t0m87 said...

been following this blog for while, and gotta say fair play im a massive fan, just checked the live stream of the masters and see your at the final table, gl hope u win :)

TEAMDOBB said...

wanna be one of 1st to say well done mate and great win

Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

Well done Steve, congratulations on the win.

cashbiatch said...

WELL PLAYED!!! nice to see you Steve, great result x

Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

Hope the sunday went well Steve.

Sick call with the 106 - next time I see you at DTD or something please teach me the live soulread?

The hand where you have J6 on a 457 board I think you should just fold though. 1500 into 500 just aint worth it.