on 12:26

Just got back from the Broadway where I exited in around 30th place, sitting with around 19k with the ave at 22k, folds to the button, (young lady with around 20k) who min raises 3200 with the blinds at 800/1600 I sit and count my stack out and decide to push with 56o to get an insta call and she flips ATo, I brick out while she catches her flush.

Villa flying high at the moment and are the team of the City  Midlands and I see no reason why we cant turn them blue nose B’ham shitty over tomorrow, I think we will be too strong for them even away from home and I would like to see us kick them 3-0 or even 4-0.

The word on the grapevine is that Grosvenor Casinos are in talks to buy DTD and will be the new owners before the years out.............. didnt we hear that last year about Grosvenor and Broadway, anyway cant see why Grosvenor would be intrested in DTD now that they got the G casino in Coventry.