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6th August
Andrea’s birthday yesterday so myself, Edward, Claire and Andrea went over to Weston Hall in Staffordshire and had a really lovely meal..£19 a head for a three course Table d hôte meal
And well worth every penny.
Weston Hall is Andrea’s favourite place to eat so it was really an easy choice when thinking of some where to go, was just a shame that her mom and dad couldn’t come due to her mom not feeling too well.

7th August
getting everything ready for going on holiday to Scotland tomorrow and just basically chilling out today, have cut the lawns at home and over at Michelle’s so I aint got that to worry about till I get back now.

Main event started at Luton yesterday and James Key’s chopped the £300 plo late Wednesday/ early Thursday so well done him.

Not sure if I’ll get the chance to blog while I’m away as I'm going to be busy playing golf, mountain bike rides over 5 course's, fishing, walking (mountains and coastal) and relaxing.

A big mention and best wishes for Dave and Caz Mauldin who tie the knot this weekend - Good Luck for the Day, May happiness come Your Way, May Your Day Be Full of Fun, May You be happy forever..

so be lucky..


badcallthat said...

should be a nice relaxin break, happy birthday to the missus! recharge ya batteries and come back crushing