on 13:46

Tk. Joe Gresh James Keys and Jim Reid on my starting table. In the £500 2 x 4000 D/C freeze out

With 151 runners creating a pot of £75,500 there’s no dead money in the pond.

Towards the end of the first level and I am 4th to speak with 2 limper's in the pot. I raise to 325 (25/50) with Ah Kh, three of us to the flop which comes down 422 with 2 hearts on board. Checks round to me so I bet 1200 James key's then goes over the top for around 3700 total, and it's almost all my stack to call. I make the call and James flips 44 for the house. I get my slip ready to call for my 2nd stack of 4k when the turn brings a king followed by a king on 5th street - ul James, this puts me up to 13k with the ave at 8100

End of level 3 is dinner break and I got 10700 with the ave at 9700. 135 runners left.
At the start of level 5 with the blinds at 150/300 the ave is 11700 with 103 runners left I'm stuck on 10100

Half way through the level and I lose 6k of my stack in a race with pocket 7's into the bb with AK this puts me down to 5k

Start of level 7 with the blinds 300/600/50 ave at 16k and 76 runners left
Finds me with 5.5k

Level 8 400/800/100 and I’m up to around 11k after an AK v AQ double up

I’ve got 8.8k at the start of level 9. Last level for the day blinds are at 600/1200/100 with the ave at 29k with 42 runners left:

A few minutes later and another table is broken and we are now at the 40 player remaining mark. I’m 3rd to speak when it folds to me and I push my bowl in with 55 and walk into a lady with similar small stack with 99 this takes away 4100 from me and leaves me with 4400, 2 hands later I’m utg so push all in with 10c Js and the same lady looks me up this time with pocket queens.

40th place again (who said “life begins at 40”) I’ll take that as a lucky omen.