on 13:40

1st August
I arrived at DTD for the £300 on Saturday some 20 minutes into the start of level 1 so around 2.30ish, I’m back home in Cheslyn Hay by 4.30pm after I got involved in three hands and came off the worst of it on all three occasions – still it beats being there for 2 days and then going out on the bubble.

2nd August
I played in the £150 at Stanley Casino Stoke on Trent on the Sunday in their 3rd anniversary game with £3k added to the prize money. They have a record turnout, this was the first time that I had visited this card room and I got to say that I was impressed with the casino and it’s staff- it looks like they got a good schedule of games taking place throughout the month as well so I may make another visit there soon, although the dealers should do a little bit more to stop some of the passing out of turn and players showing each other hands whilst in the pot.

I take a massive blow when my KK runs into QQ and 22 on a 7 high flop (752) and this cripples me to 750 from a 10k starting stack, I’m soon taking the walk of shame and spend some time with Mad Marty at the bar where he just continues to make me laugh with his stories and anecdotes. I even had time to walk over to the Grosvenor and play their 6pm £10 with 1 £5 rebuy/add on 9000 chips and managed to bust out in 23rd spot although there was only 26 runners ;-) Andrea goes out just short of the money.

3rd August
Make my way over to Paul King's to stay there for a couple of days as we’re both playing in the £200 and £500 courtesy of the Blue sq sponsorship package, After much fucking about and several phone calls and emails we are assured that we’re on the list for today and tomorrow, however when we get there we find that we are not on any list and have to start phoning round at 6.30pm to get it sorted, we eventually get the card room manager to contact Jon Raab who sorts it out for us.
Not really that keen on the nosh served up at Luton G casino so we decide to head down the road to a really authentic Italian and fill our belly's with the old spag bol with garlic & cheese pizza bread and a couple bottles of peroni - now we're ready for action.

My first table consists of Joe Gresh, Stuart Nash and Chaz Chatta.
196 runners stump up the £220 starting price
With 157 left at first break. I'm on 15k with the ave at 7.5k.
Start of level 5 I got 16k with the ave at 9.600 and 122 runners left. 18900 last hand before the dinner break. Pocket kings in the cut off raised to 800 at the 150/300 level Jeff Buffenbarger moves all in for 5800 I call and he flips 9c 10c board comes 7 8 9 10 2 and I'm on 13400 at the start of level 6 with the ave at 12.600
with 93 runners I'm ave at 12.600 end of level 7
I got 16k with the ave at 18k and 65 runners left.
I pick up AA in the sb and manage to get 8k out of Chaz in the bb putting me on 24k – our table is then broken and I’m moved to a new table where I don’t play a hand for 40 minutes, I push all in with 99 in late position for 19k with a limp before me at the 600/1200 level I get insta called by pocket aces in the cut off sending me to the rail in 40th spot.
4th August
Hoping to get a bit further in the £500 D/C freezeout today which I'm sure will attract over 150 runners for this 2 dayer, Luton always gets the numbers for their leg of the GUKPT just gutted that I wont be able to play the main event as I'll be in Scotland on vacation. There were some quality players in the card room last night and the quality of play will only get harder as the week goes on - there's very little dead money at Luton so if you are coming - bring your A-game.