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After setting the alarm for an early start I leave Blackpool in the direction of Preston at 07.45am in order to get to Garstang Golf club for 8.30am.

Steve the owner of the B&B says “you still going” it’s absolutely pissing it down and I was thinking of dropping out but I’d looked on the forum on awop and Alistair “Fox” had been on at about 6.30am to say that the day was still going to go ahead.

I get on the M55, 80mph, wipers on full speed, visibility down to around 100yrds and amazingly I got people overtaking me doing around 90 – 110 mph

I get to the course for 8.30am where there are already Phill “the tower”, James “cctv” Chris “Cub” Andy Bradshaw and 4 others. The rain is bucketing it down.

I decided on the drive over that there was NO WAY I was even going to attempt playing in this weather and if need be I’d wait in the club house and just play the afternoon game if the rain had eased off. Coffee and bacon sandwiches and the sun starts to come through the grey clouds.

By 9.30 we got about 19 runners turned up and the rain was easing off. The professional had already said that the course would remain open and the course would be very playable as it drains well. I thought to myself, play the 9 and if your wet or your clubs are wet then I wont play the afternoon after all I am very much a fair weather player.

The draw was made for the morning game (Individual Stapleford) being a 9 hole comp and I was drawn to play with Phil “Tower” and Steve Warmsley.

Tower playing off 18 gets on the tee looking like he’d been “tango-ed” with his shirt cap and matching bag in bright orange I thought to myself that at least the group behind us will see us even if visibility drops to 100 yrds. We are first to tee off and to set the pace for the rest of the field. The rain held off for the majority of the 9 holes and I only had to get the brolley out on two occasions. When the round was completed I was pleased to see that I had managed to score a respectable 16 points and I managed a net strokes of 44 for the 9 holes, My playing partners both managed to get 12 points each.

Soup and sandwiches at the break Oliver stone, Nick Slade who plays off a handicap of 3 and another couple of players have made it across and we’ve now got a field of some 27 runners for the afternoon game 9 teams of 3 and the draw is made.

I am drawn with Tim France and Mark Tetlow and we have a joint handicap of 5.9 for the texas scramble event planned for the afternoon. We have a dismal front nine holes managing a gross “39” so we are already 6 over par with the harder of the two nines about to be played, We pull our resources together we complete the back nine in a 36 giving us a 1 over gross on the back and a net total of 69.1 which we thought would be in with a shout however we ended up being 8th out of the 9 teams with the winning team taking it down with a net 62 so we were by no means embarrassed by our efforts. Al “Fox” James “cctv” held up the rear when they left the field of play with 4 holes remaining…

A roast beef dinner followed by deserts and presentations (although tower had forgot the trophies) wrapped the day up nicely and everyone retired to the G Casino in Blackpool for the £30 + £30 comp where I went out in 12th place after protecting my bb with K4 off to a limp from the sb with AT, had a great night in there with loads of table banter.

It was a great day, well run and the weather stayed with us for most of the day. These events take a lot of organising and it’s worth putting the effort in to turn up and play them as quite often they are very good value, a great chance to socialise meeting like minded players and get some fresh air and exercise in your lungs. Al is planning a few more of these each year and I for one will do my best to attend them if I’m available.

£100 + £10 freezeout at the G in Blackpool today with around 200 runners taking to the field, a 15000 starting stack, 2 x 45 minutes levels followed by 20 minutes levels thereafter, this being a “One dayer” will end around 4am so I will stay up here and play this rather than travel down to Coventry to play the £300 summer series game at the new G casino.

Good luck where ever you decide to play and have a good bank holiday.


AlexB said...

Hope all is OK Steve as I've never known you to go 5 days without posting. Just hope you & yours are fit and healthy and look forward to you coming back to blog soon.