on 07:15

Arrived in Blackpool around 5.30pm and got checked in to the Marsden Hotel. A b&b establishment that awop have negotiated special rates with.

With the casino just one minutes walk away I decide to get my head down for an hour. Remembering how crap the food was in the casino the last time I was up here I decide on the local chipy for some fish chips and mushy peas with a can of Vimto and well worth the £4.80 (well what else would you have when your beside the sea side).

A short stroll to the casino to burn of some of that fat I enter the £40 triple chance freeze out.
“No Cash” Dave Garden comes over to say hi so it's nice to put a name to a face. 3 x 3500 chips with 2 x 45 minute levels followed by 20 minute levels after the break.

My starting table consists of Steve Craig and Brian Weebrick. I do half my first stack on the first hand being ultra aggressive with ace 3 spades missing everything whilst betting out on every street to get called down all the way- oh well!!!

Martin "bigbills" Devlin comes over to say hi and tells me he wont be playing the golf day as it's just not his game. A couple of old boys at the table then tell me that there's a hurricane due tomorrow.

Our first dealer is struggling like fuck to add up the chips or work the pots out but I suppose they have to start some where but then I'm informed that he's not new he's been here 8 months.

I'm logged on to the BBC website and the news from Villa park brings a smile to face when I learn that we've had two penalties and put one in the back of the net.

End of first level and I still got 850 out of my original 3500 stack. I take my second load of chips I win my first hand after 65 minutes of play when I find pocket Jacks on the small blind with 5 limper's at 100 so I pump it up to 600 and every one folds back to me.

I then limp into a 5 way pot with 78o flop comes down j 9 5 giving me a double gut shot. Brian calls a bet of 500 so I decide to flat call with another caller. The 6 on the turn gives me the straight. Brian leads out for 1200 so I re-raise all in and Brian makes the call for another 2100 as he's got j 5 for two pair. He misses the boat and I'm up above my starting stack for the first time tonight.

12300 at the first break. 65 runners creating a pot of £2600
Villa get a home win 2-1 over Rapid Vienna but the away goal for Rapid means that Villa can forget about Europe this year and concentrate on the premiership now and trying to grab a top 4 spot.

I bite the dust early in level 4 when on the button I call a raise to 1200 with 9 10 hearts, flop comes j 9 7 original raiser makes it 1600 so I shove over the top for another 8k he eventually calls turning over pocket tens. The turn and river brick out for me enabling me to get an early night ready for the golf. day later today