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Plastic people…

Coming from a family of 9 boys and 1 girl, I got a 3 brothers that I disowned many years ago – One of these brothers (Paul) used to speak with an Irish accent, even though he had never been out of the country, in fact I don’t even think he had ever been out of the town that he was born in (Birmingham) so why the fuck did he go around talking with an Irish accent – who knows?

I have just watched the final of this years Partypoker Sports Stars Challenge on Sky Sports which is part of the Matchroom productions. Jason Brennan an on-line qualifier made his way through the heats to see off a star-studded field and take the event down for £20,000 getting lucky when he needed to and playing smart and aggressive at all other times..

Jason a 34 year old from Archway in London looked as pale as the Burberry cap he was wearing, for the 120 minutes we were subjected to his table banter I thought I was listening to Martin Luther King with a broad Caribbean accent delivering his destiny speech every time he rivered someone…I just don’t understand why?

Heading North later today to take part in the aworldofpoker golf and poker day tomorrow.
Edited at 2.15pm today:
Tonight..Blackpool G Casino at 8pm = £40 DC freezeout
Friday Night... Poker/golf comp at the G Casino Blackpool
Saturday 3pm £100 freezeout at Blackpool G casino (Normally around 180 runners) One dayer 15000 starting stack
See you all there ;-)

Loads of poker taking place this weekend with the summer series GUKPT at the Coventry G casino and also the £200 freezeout at Walsall while tonight at the Broadway they have their monthly £150 freezeout - Good luck where ever you decide to play, just keep out of my pots :-)


NoCash said...

You playing the £40 t/c in Blackpool tonight (at the G)? If so I'll see you there!

Steve H. said...

That sounds good.. see you there

Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

I watched it last night, he rivered my friend with the Q v the set of Aces. I thought 'what a cock' See you later on if you're in Blackpool Steve.

Steve H. said...

you playing the golf day lads.

Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

No golf for me Ste, I hate the game. Plus I'm shit at it.

Phillipia said...

Wow, with that many brothers I guess you can afford to disown a couple... The Irish speaking one was probably adopted anyway:)

I hope your one sister was a keeper.

You are too funny, Steve.