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Villa to bash Liverpool tonight. (hopefully)

England beat the Aussies to regain the Ashes
Europe lose to the USA in the solheim Cup
Hamilton 2nd and Button 7th in Spanish Grand Prix

Sunday Evening 23rd august

Having qualified for $10 I played the $75 +$5 sat on Gala for a seat at the British Masters Poker Tour main event in Liverpool later in September.
Dominated from early on and generally getting my chips in good shape except for one out draw against “Rivera” when holding pocket jacks I flopped a set on a board of AQJ, Rivera couldn’t wait to get his chips in with his KT unfortunately the board paired to give me the house. Judith Edwards “willfullJoker” also getting a seat after being shortstacked for most of the evening.

I then went over to Walsall to play the £50 T/C deepstack (15k) but went out early when I made a bluff and put this lad to the test for his tourney when he bet out 2.5k on a Q high board,I go over the top for another 11,800 he calls with middle pair and a flush draw, I am left needing a king or a jack for the straight I hit the king but it’s a diamond.

Saturday 22nd August

I play the £30 DC freezeout at Broadway, struggling for most the evening with 133 runners I get down to the final three tables when I get moved on the BB, I have around 28k with the ave at 19k when I get involved with this lad who is calling everything down, we get it all in pre flop AcKc v J9o and he spikes a 9 on the turn, this puts me down to 2100 with the blinds at 600/1200/100 I manage to get back up to 15800 in three hands when I push all in 3rd to speak with pocket jacks getting called by toni “stallion” decesera with AK board comes KQJT and a 9 on the river just to take the piss, I crashed out in 19th place narrowly avoiding the money.

I have posted recommendations on my blog for customers to use the Broadway restaurant, I always considered the Broadway Restaurant to be one of the finest in the Midlands for offering first class cuisine, superbly cooked and very reasonably priced albeit off a very limited and restricted menu – This was all prior to June this year.

I visited the new “Mirage” Eastern themed restaurant just after the launch and although there was a bigger menu with a wider variety of eastern dishes if fails to offer any decent selection of English/French dishes, this is disappointing given the fact that there are plenty of eateries all within a ten minute walk of the casino offering the same eastern dishes but there are very few offering English/ French cuisine that was previously on offer at the Broadway.

Broadway have also stopped the free buffets for the poker players and this is probably down to the current economic climate and also to encourage more people to use the restaurant facilities that they have on offer.

Me and andrea went in on Saturday night as Andrea had a two for one meal voucher for her birthday. We ordered a main meal along with a nice bottle of zinfaldel opting to save some room for desert.

Andrea ordered the haddock risotto while I elected to have the ½Lobster Themidor having sampled this delight in many countries around the world I was really looking forward to what the chef would deliver to me.

We were a bit disappointed that the fresh rolls with olives and dried tomatoes were not offered while we were waiting for the main meal so I asked for some and a charge was made for this wilst it used to be complimentry.

And so on to the meal: Firstly, the garlic bread and the French fries felt like they had been left standing for about 10 minutes, Andrea’s haddock risotto had 4 (FOUR) very small pieces of haddock but she said that over all it tasted nice and gave it a 6/10 whilst my lobster in all honesty was the worst themidor I had ever been served or eaten.

I actually felt sorry for this lobster who’s life had been cut short to end up on a plate so poorly dressed being deprived of any taste or appreciation either by the chef or myself.

Most recipes for Lobster Thermidor involve stuffing an empty lobster tail with sautéed lobster meat that is cooked with cream and sherry, topping the chunky sauce with a suitably fatty cheese, then broiling the stuffed tail under an open flame – what was infact served to me was lobster mixed with a very watery (milk like) white sauce that lacked any sherry or taste, Its not rocket science and it doesn't require an Egon Ronay or a Michelin chef to prepare this.

I would have struggled to give this effort a 2/10, considering this meal alone goes out at £16.50 this does not constitute good value for money – even with the 2 for 1 voucher at £8.25 I would have felt robbed.

We both ordered deserts, I went for the Tartufo Nero whilst Andrea decided on the tiramisu, My desert was ok, I was hungry so I ate it and Andrea’s was tasteless of any rum at all and tasted like ice cream on a sponge biscuit so she left it.

When we asked for the bill we expected to pay for the wine and for the rest of the bill to be split 50/50 as it was a two for the price of one letter however it in fact turned out to be two for one with the cheapest meal free – perhaps they should adjust their letters to say that in future.

Overall, I felt very disappointed and let down as it was meant to be a special occasion for Andréa, I know that the restaurant is now franchised out but the casino should be aware of the standards being served to their cliental.

I have sent them a letter as constructive criticism and not some dissatisfied punk trying to get a freebie out of them. I’m not looking for compensation, as I don’t feel that you could compensate for such a bad meal.

The “Mirage” gives you with a vision of what you’d like your food to be but the actual delivery makes it an inferior mirage.

Would I use this restaurant again? No, not in it’s current guise (if I feel like this how many of your other customers feel the same?).

Bring back the old menu and chef


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