on 09:48

Secured a seat in last nights sat for the £300 main event at DTD at the start of next month – this was not without pain as quite deep in and with around 35 runners left I’m sitting with around 26k in chips and well above the ave.

I raise mid position with Ah Jh to 4500 blinds 500/1000/100 – there’s been a limp utg and the bb is the chip leader on the table, gets to BB and he insta shoves for 38000 (this being the third time he has shoved on my raise to which I folded on the two previous occasions), limper folds and I tank, I decide that he’s making a move and I decide to make a stand, I call –

I find I am a massive underdog to his pocket kings, I catch two hearts on the flop and a jack on the turn followed by a heart on the river and lady luck has shone on me for once and rewarded me for making a bad call, I then get called all the names under the sun, prick, twat, wanker, how the fuck can you call that hand? – I ask him if he was not happy to see my hand once I called pre flop – I explained that I got lucky – I ask “you ever got lucky when making a bad call?” anyway some hour later I got my seat for a cost of around 70 euros– Andrea went out in 12th spot with just the 10 seats up for grabs.