on 10:16

Having made the journey back to Nottingham and DTD for the £150 with 146 runners I some how survive getting quite deep with no hands at all, getting lucky on one occasion with AQ v AJ v 77 with a queen coming on the river to give me enough oxygen for another hour at least.

I get moved tables and I'm on the bb for 800 and my stack is 6900 total, there's a raise utg to 1950 from amassive stack, folds round to me and I jam the lot with AcTc, initial raiser thinks about it and makes the call, he got Ah Td board comes h h h h x and thats how I'm running at the moment exiting in 41st place.

I then made the journey home and played for a seat for Macau on ipoker and the Sunday Millions on Stars but didnt do any good on either of them.

Poker........It's a constant struggle at the moment!!!


Anonymous said...

Seems to me it's about time you had a break from poker Steve, i can assure you it really does help.

Yorkshire Pud said...

Sick four-flush there mate, sounds like you run as good as me in MTTs!

Chin up mate, it'll turn around I'm sure