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Dusk till Dawn £300 main event

The odds seen to be stacking up against me.

4k at the start of level 5.

After steaming ahead with some aggressive play and good reads I find myself on 21k after 3 levels of play. I took a massive dent at the end of level 4 pocket aces in mid position with a limp utg so I raise to 625 with the blinds at 100/200 big blind calls as does the limper, Flop comes 78k spades and I got ace diamonds and ace spade's, checks to me so I bet 1650, bb makes it 3200, limper folds. I ask for a count and push all in. He has 9800 behind him. He calls with ace king no spades. Frankie tells me he folded a king:) turn card is the case king. Another 40/1 outer and I'm left with ave chips.

I then get involved with Frankie and I'm on the bb when I call his button raise to 525 with 74 hearts:) flop comes 74A i check raise his 525 bet on the flop to 1650 which he calls the turn brings a jack so i bet out 1650 Frankie flats me. A queen on the river and I lead out for 1600 hoping he's got AK Frankie again flat calls me and flips over pocket queens for the rivered set and another 20/1 hit against me.

I'm down to 4k and on tilt so I get all jiggy and do my remaining chips chasing a flush/straight draw.

I then go over to Chiquito’s, get some much needed snack and chill out deciding to enter the £55 freezeout.

I take my seat and immediately boss the table picking up 3/5 hands and an extra 800 in the first orbit (4k starting stack)

I then pick up pocket aces on the sb and there's been a raise mid position to 200 and the button has called so I raise it to 850, initial raiser folds and the button calls, flop comes 459 rainbow and I lead for 1125, the button goes all in to which I insta call and he flips pocket 6s, 7 on the turn and an 8 on the river leaves me with 825 in chips.

I'm on the button next hand with the bb in for 50 and a call in late position so I push all in with Q7 hearts, bb folds and the limper say's go on then...and he's holding K 4 of spades... 2s Qd 7c 9s 8s for the rivered flush

Back today for more pain in the £150 but I'm seriously beginning to think that I am jinxed in the place.


would-be said...

ul mate. pocket aces ain't what they used to be.

Anonymous said...

Yes unlucky Steve. I enjoyed playing against you though. Russell Preson (the player on your left on table 13) the one that took you out !!!!

James Atkin said...


So unlucky in the £300 it's unreal. 2 really ugly outdraws. UL mate.