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ANYONE, but a sweaty sock? !!!

Only three years ago Andy Murray claimed “anyone but England” during the world cup finals whilst draped in the Scottish flag – I remember thinking at the time, “what an arrogant fucker”

Arrogant he maybe but lets face it, he’s on top of his game and he seems 100% focused – has he got the goods to go on and emulate some of his fellow countrymen:
Ken Buchanan (born 1945), world champion boxer
Sir Matt Busby (1909–1994), football manager, won the European Cup in 1968
Jim Clark (1936–1968), Formula One driver
David Coulthard (born 1971), Formula One driver
Kenny Dalglish (born 1951), footballer and a manager of Liverpool F.C.
Sir Alex Ferguson (born 1941), footballer and a manager of Manchester United F.C.
Stephen Hendry (born 1969), professional snooker player, 7 times World champion.
Chris Hoy (born 1976), world, Olympic and Commonwealth champion track cyclist
Denis Law (born 1940), football player
Bill Shankly (1914–1981), football manager
Jock Stein (1922–1985), football manager, won the European Cup with Celtic F.C.
Sir Jackie Stewart (born 1939), world champion Formula One driver
Jim Watt (born 1948), world champion boxer, won the WBC World Lightweight title
David Wilkie (born 1954), swimmer

Betfair have him at 1/3 on for todays match against Andy Roddick (3/1) whilst Federer is unbackable at 1/11 on against Tommy Haas.

You can get better odds on Murray if you back him to win Wilmbildon at almost 4/1

I think Murray has got the game to beat Roddick and I’m going to pump on a 3 sets to 2 victory giving me early prices of 11/2 but I think that is where his wilmbildon will end for 2009, he just simply doesn’t have the tools in the bag to beat federer on grass.

If it was Henman v Federer then the whole country would have been behind Tim but because it’s this one particular individual then its easy to “knock the jock” .

The main event starts in Vegas today so good luck to all the 7000/8000 runners for that event. The brits have given a good account of themselves at this years series and I’m sure with the ever increasing popularallity of the sport this can only be good for poker in Europe.

DTD £300 this weekend and another overlay looks more than likely… fill your boots and get over there


Kevin Stevens said...

Cheer's Steve, mailed it over. Find Murray's attitude a little bit hard to swallow but will still be hoping he win's and also gets over his small minded inclinations.

Littleacornman said...

Ok,I'll bite ;-)

It was a light hearted reply he made as a teenager and I don't see anything wrong with what he said anyway.It's called sporting rivalry.

Shame so many over senstive English people got their collective panties in a twist over it.Still, I'm sure if he doesn't win he'll go from being a "plucky Brit" to a "Dour Jock" soon enough in the English press.

GL Andy!

ps no snooker champions or the legendary Jocky Wilson on that list!

Kev said...

I am William Wallace, and before me, I see a whole ARMY of my countrymen here to battle the English. Ay, fight and you may die, run and you'll live. At least a while. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives.... but they'll never take our FREEDOM!!

-- Braveheart

Nothing like a good auld bit of Mel Gibsom,nice to see you back in the fighting spirit Steve.

havin_a_laff said...

he was misquoted - surprise, surprise. what about...

alexander graham bell - the telephone
John Mcadam - modern road construction (tar mcadam)
John Dunlop - modern tyre design
Alexander Fleming - Penisillin
James Watt - Improvment to Steam Engine design
John Logie Baird - TV (maybe)
Robert Watt - Radar
James Lee - bolt action rifles

Since the introduction of comprehensive education - really nobody of note since this lot...
Willy Murdich - Gas lighting
Jimmy McGlumpher - deep fried mars bars
Charles McIntosh - Dirty macs
James Simpson - chloroform
Jimmy young - Paraffin oil
Kirkpatrick MacMillan - rear wheel driven bicyles

Reggie said...

Fuck the Scots steve,i only like them when i'm takinh their money.lol, i'll never forget when the twat wore that Portugal shirt, i'm supprised you backed him, i would have lumped on Roddick at 3's.

Anyway be Lucky

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

I want to put a worthwile comment but i appear to have misplaced my anorak.

Kevin Stevens said...

Hello Steve, Stories posted. Thanks again, much appreciated.