on 15:20

Having made my way over to Broadway thinking it’s an 8pm start there’s no one there as it now kicks off at 9pm.

Play eventually gets under way with 77 runners and £11.550 in the pot with it saying down to 10 spots. I make the first break with 14k from an 8k starting stack.

Halfway through level 6 with the blinds at 400/800 Steve Jelinek had raised to 2300 utg I find pocket 10s in middle position so raise it up to 5k. - Steve insta shove's all in for 17.5k and I only just have him covered. I tank and eventually make the call. Steve flips pocket 9s and the 10s hold up

37k with the blinds at 600/1200 and the ave at 15.5k with 40 runners left from the 77 starters..

Level 8 blinds at 800/1600/100 with 30 runners left, ave at 20k I got 51k

Start of level 10 I got 61k at the 1200/2400/200 level and 20 runners left.

Final table of 10 and I got 82k with the ave at 66k.

I dont play a hand for at least 45 minutes and we are still 10 handed however the blinds are now 8000/16000/1000 – 34000 in the pot and it folds round to me in 4th position, I got Ac7c while my bowl of rice has now dwindled to just 57k so it’s a standard shove with just 3 ½ bb, it folds to the button (Anthony Kennedy) who makes the call with pocket 10s – the window card delivers a 7 to give me some hope but the turn and river both brick out giving me a £70 profit for 7 hours work, bring on DTD

Have been asked to do an article for InsidePoker about Walsall cardroom, think they must have been reading the blog!!!