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First of all I’d like to thank everyone that’s stopped by here and offered me words of encouragement, I’ve also received a lot of texts and calls with lots of support didn’t realize how much I was loved out there, anyways I aint ready to quit and I aint going to depress you or myself with a stream of stories about outrageous calls getting lucky against me – at the end of the day I want these muppets putting their chips on the line when they are a 40/1 dog.

The last couple of days gone something like this:

28th July
Having won the heavyweight sponsorship freeroll on Blue Sq I email Jamie reeve and ask him to enter me into the £200 and £500 side events for the 3rd and 4th august at Luton’s GUKPT. Paul King won the freeroll last month and has also elected to play the same two events.

29th July
Went over to Michelle’s to cut the lawns, got all the way over there with the sun shining and as I pulled up on her drive the heavens opened, still managed a short cut which will last till next week, so much for the long hot summer that the weathermen said we were going to have this year back in April.

Having already qualified for the £150 at DTD this weekend 1st/2nd August and having spent around £80 and failed to qualify on line for the £80k Guaranteed/£330 freeze out I decide to make the journey over to Nottingham to play the £10 rebuy with 5 seats guaranteed into the £300 – after checking with the results for previous weeks on the dtd website I can see that the last Wednesday night live sat before the weekend of the main event normally makes 7-8 seats with around 70 – 80 runners.

Keen for the live action and not wanting to stump up with the £330 needed to play the event on Saturday I went into the game full of enthusiasm when I reached my table and found 8 souls who I’d never seen before, aggression I thought – but that was soon replaced when I realized that this was a table full of gamblers, 4 all in’s on the first hand with the highest hand being 22 followed by AQ,74 and 63

Not wishing to get too involved in this £10 all in any two shove fest I tighten up straight away but get bust mediocre holdings v my AK, 99 and JJ enough is enough I thought and decided to loosen up, I have 3800 chips halfway through the 2nd 40 minute level and I decide to raise to 450 utg with 57 off, 5 callers to the flop of 755 which is checked all the way round, Ace on the turn which again is checked all the way round and a King on the river also putting a flush on board, checks to me so I make it 650, there is then a raise and a re-raise and a call so I shove my remaining 2700 chips over the line, 4 of us all in and I suddenly find myself up to 16000.
I do the add on and after the add on’s there are 7 seats up for grabs.

With just 11 runners left and having laid down some pairs to big raise’s pre flop I find myself the short stack with 21.5k when the ave is 37k. I’m on the BB for 2000 when the button makes it 6k, he’s holding around 27k and I figured if he’s got a marginal hand like AT or AJ he’ll lay it down to my shove with pocket 5s. He makes the call with AQ and my small holding stands up and I’m now up to 44k. Final table was soon reached and I managed to make a seat without getting involved in any other hand.

Didn’t get back home till 6am this morning but really enjoyed the evening, meeting up with some old friends and having a good old chat without any bad beat stories.

Andrea bust out after the add on period and decided to play some cash while waiting for me, only the 50p/£1 table which was full of students, there was obviously 4 lads all playing with each other and another lad that was just being offensive and rude, three different dealers seemed to let this behaviour go without any warnings – I know that al clubs are desperate to get players sitting down at the tables paying rake but it’s also important that everyone at the table has a right to feel comfortable, Andrea being the only woman at the table felt intimidated by some of the antic’s that were going on and I think the dealer should have called the floor over on at least two occasions but failed to do anything.

My Saturday is now sorted out and hopefully I will be going back to Nottingham on Sunday for final table, if not I’m not certain what I’ll be doing, like I say I have a seat in the £150 (£20k guaranteed) on the Sunday at dtd and there is also a £150 freezeout at Stanley’s in Stoke with £3k added money as it’s the clubs anniversary, they normally get around 140 runners to this event that see players receiving 2 x 4000 chips and a 40 minute clock, obviously Stoke is a lot closer to me than dtd and I have never played at Stanley’s in Stoke so that would be another reason for wanting to go over there.

30th July
We had a major flood in the house a couple of weeks ago due to a bust stop valve in the tank in the loft, the house has absolutely reeked of plaster since. The carpet in the lounge is an expensive carpet anyway so been busy today shifting everything from out of the lounge so that we can have the carpet cleaned.

Confirmed a short break to the western coast of Scotland with Andrea and Edward, where we have booked a log cabin for a few days at the end of next week, Mountain bikes can be hired while up there so we will be doing some mountain trekking, there are 5 different colour coded courses each with increasing difficulty. The cabin park is also situated on a golf course so I can shake off some cobwebs and there are miles of coastal and mountain walks available. I’ll be taking the lappie and dongle but the emphasis will be on relaxing and enjoying myself….

Looking forward to the live games coming up at dtd and Luton although the holiday will mean that I miss the main event at Luton and also the Nottingham leg of the Gala/Coral British Masters poker tour although I just may get to play the Saturday main event if I can win a seat on-line

£150 freeze out at the Broadway tonight so will be playing for a cash, fingers crossed.


Amatay said...

Maybe see u at DTD on Saturday night. I'll be there for the raisetheriver meet up getting pissed and donking around in the £50f