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Finished 4th in the $5k guaranteed on ipoker, 330 runners and another $415 cash. I also played the DTD super sat but never really got going in it..

I played a sat on Blue Sq to try and get into event 2 of the on-line gukpt festival, I make a push with AT and run into AQ with 7 minutes left of the rebuy period but I don’t get offered the re-buy even though there were 13 runners and there had been 13 rebuys up to this point, so I decide to speak to on-line support and here is the conversation…

16:55:04 HostMichael: Hello, you are through to Michael at Poker support, how can I help you?
16:56:00 avillian( 4 ): I was just playing the $30 rebuy (unlimited) to event 2 that started at 4pm, have just been bust out with 7 minutes remaining till the add on break and i was not offered a rebuy????
16:56:24 HostMichael: I'll take a look for you, one moment please.
16:59:34 HostMichael: rebuys were only allowed until level 5
17:00:20 avillian( 4 ): rebuys were allowed till the addon break,
17:00:34 avillian( 4 ): the add on break had not been reached
17:01:16 avillian( 4 ): where does it state untill level 5?
17:04:05 HostMichael: in the tournament rules
17:04:14 avillian( 4 ): dont be silly
17:04:33 avillian( 4 ): LOBBY
17:04:39 avillian( 4 ): DETAILS
17:04:55 avillian( 4 ): max rebuys - UNLIMITED
17:05:04 avillian( 4 ): nothing about level 5
17:05:38 avillian( 4 ): so the rebuys end at the end of level 4 and the add on is at the end of level 6
17:05:43 avillian( 4 ): is that correct?
17:07:31 avillian( 4 ): ARE YOU STILL THERE
17:08:36 avillian( 4 ): HELLO..........
17:08:58 HostMichael: sorry, please be patient I am trying to find out what has happened
17:14:03 Window is idle
17:14:14 HostMichael: I am looking through every play around the time you were ejected
17:14:27 HostMichael: thank you for being patient
17:15:41 HostMichael: on what had did you attempt to rebuy?
17:16:12 avillian( 4 ): after I got bust with my AT v AQ....
17:17:49 avillian( 4 ): the last hand i played.
17:20:23 HostMichael: we will refund you $33 as the tournament description didnt clearly state rebuys until level 5
17:20:50 HostMichael: I will inform Ipoker to make sure that this detail is included in the description in the future
17:21:00 avillian( 4 ): didnt clearly state anything apart from unlimited rebuys....
17:21:04 HostMichael: sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you
17:21:21 HostMichael: yes, it didnt clearly state anything other than unlimited rebuys!

I have never known a comp on ipoker to have a 40 minute rebuy period with 1 hour for the add-on and I would have thought that as this is a sat event into the show piece on-line festival they would have wanted as much money in the pot as possible creating as many seats as possible.

I got the $33 back and played a $70 turbo freezeout (500) chips but went out when my 7s walked into 10s

I played a 5 euro rebuy on DTD into the £150 at the start of the month and managed to scrape a seat for an out lay of 15 euro’s

I was hoping to have a round of golf this week but the weather don’t look to good


Mr Origami said...

Nice one Steve...is that on the 1st? See you there then, a whole bunch of us off the RTR forums are down there on the 1st!! :o)

would-be said...

Gotta love the knowledge of online support. *sigh*