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Andrea wanted to go to the Next sale down in Wednesfield even though she had a couple of “privileged” slots on the Internet as a special shopper.

I spend about 10 minutes in the shop and have lost count of the number of shoppers walking towards me and coughing in my direction, I am so aware now of other peoples germs having just got over some sort of flu, I didn’t go the doctors with it but Andrea assures me it was swine flu and I’m the swine, anyway I couldn’t wait to get my arse outside as it was also humid and sticky in there.

We then find ourselves at J10 casino for the 6pm satellite for the GUKPT which once again is a major fuck up as the staff cant be bothered with running it, you would have thought the casino would be keen to open the registration for these events and keep the punters in the building, as it happens you walk up to registration and they say “haven’t bothered opening reg as there’s only three of you interested” how many other people have they said that to and they fucked off somewhere else, while we were stood there they had two more punters phone up and they were told “ na- don’t think it’s going to go ahead as there’s no runners. If someone from the casino staff reads this and your really interested in getting punters through your doors to play a 6pm event on a Saturday night, then get real and guarantee a couple of seats if it’s for your £200 event and if it’s for the GUKPT’s then guarantee 1 seat, you’ll get the punters through the doors and they will play the house games, anyway – rant over…

Went to Star City cinema and watched the film “Bruno”

Character backstory

Brüno was born in Klagenfurt, Austria, and he has quoted his surname as being "Gehard". Despite appearing to be a grown man, he claims to be 19 years old. His mother was murdered by his father, who was a prominent cuckoo clock beak maker in Schleswig-Holstein before going to jail.

Brüno's first homosexual experience occured when he was 14 years old when his Uncle Wilhelm entered his bedroom late one night and performed fellatio on him. Brüno claims that this only happened as he was holding a knife to his uncle's neck at the time. Brüno's brother Durgel runs a laminating business in Salzburg.

By the late 1980s, Bruno worked as a dancer, and he had a relationship with who he calls Milli of Milli Vanilli, presumed to be the late Rob Pilatus. In 1992, he was chosen to be one of the dancers in the video for Snap!'s Rhythm is a Dancer, but had to pull out the day before filming when he developed an eye infection from contact with dog faeces.

He took a job at Klub Apartheid in Vienna, initially working as a urinal. After being urinated on by a producer from the ÖJRF Austrian TV channel, Brüno made a witty remark and his potential was noted. His first television show was Get Uber It, followed by Funkyzeit mit Brüno (Funkytime with Brüno) which has been running for eight years.

On this show, Brüno interviewed guests about topics such as fashion, entertainment, celebrities and homosexuality, with an emphasis on the last subject as each interview progresses. Brüno was fired from the show in 2008, but has since been reinstated.[3] The Brüno film picks up the character's story just before he was fired from Funkyzeit in 2008.

The Austrian TV station that screens Funkyzeit is ÖJRF (revealed once as Österreichischer Jungen-Rundfunk, or in English, Austrian Boys' Broadcasting). The name is similar to that of Austrian national broadcaster ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk). Their logo often appears on Brüno's show in the upper right corner of the screen. Brüno has also claimed to be making the show for Austrian Gay TV, and encouraged a college wrestling team at Daytona Beach to send greetings to all viewers of the channel. The show's theme song is "Crank It Up", by Scooter, from the album Our Happy Hardcore.

Now I have to admit to dozing off at the start of the film due to the late finish on ipoker in the $5k guaranteed but I woke up after about 20 minutes of the film and quickly got into the swing of things (pardon the pun) there is one spot towards the end where he is being belted by this swinger with a leather belt and the film brought tears of laughter to my eyes.

Film gets a 9 out of 10 from me

We then headed over to Broadway for the £30 D/C freeze out 2 x 3000 chips.
160 runners: . £4800 in the pot. I’m down to 2.5k at the end of the 2nd level and get paid off when my pocket kings get called by 10/3 suited,

I then find my self up to the dizzy heights of 8.5k and my slip when I limp utg 100/200 with Atd another limp and then a shove of 9800 into a 700 pot, the same player pulled this same move 10 minutes earlier with a small pocket pair, I tanked for about 2 minutes and decided that I would gamble, hoping that he had a small pair and I got two suited overs and anyways I got another ticket for 3k if I lose the race, my oppo smiles when he sees my hand and he flips over pocket kings – A T 8 on the flop and suddenly I’m up to around 17k.

130 left at the first break. I’m on 26k with the ave at 7300.

I then get lucky for the second time of the evening, with the blinds at 400/800/50 and I’m on the small blind (I’m in seat 9) – limp utg (seat 1), raise to 3200 from seat 2, call from seat 4, call from seat 6, I look down and find jacks, I have the raise and the two callers well covered with the largest stack being around 15k, I push all in and the big blind sitting with around 24k also insta snap pushes his 24k stack in the pot, seat 2 pushes 15k total, seat 4 folds, seat 6 all in for 12k (bb has AK) (seat 2 has QQ) (seat 6 has KK) board comes 7 A J 7 5 to give me the full house and propel me to 81k

Start level 8 with 88k and 40 runners left with the ave at 25k

I then go card dead for about 90 minutes getting ante’d away but eventually making final table with 70k with the ave at 95k.

With the blinds at 4000/8000 I’ve been getting blinded down to 54k when I’m on the BB with K7off folds round to the cut off, (some Chinese uber donk) and he makes it 45000 to go, he has around 300k with about 960k in play, I decide to make a stand and push all in, donk calls the extra 9k and he flips TJ and we both miss everything giving me a pot of 115k approx, we lose a couple of players and I’m on 135k

Blinds at 6000/1200 and I pick up JJ on the button, same Chinese lad in the c/o –1 makes it 55k to go, I shove and he tanks for 30 seconds before calling me with K3 suited, he flops the nut flush draw but missed everything on 4th and 5th street putting me up to 290k.

I then lose 120k with AT v KQ to blue nose Jason when the board ran out 8ATXJ

I steal a couple of sets of blinds and I’m back to 240k when on my BB 8000/16000 china man makes it 65000, he got around 210k total so I shove with AQ while he thinks about it for around 20 seconds then he calls with A3 and now I’m up to around 470k with 5 of us left.

I take another hit for around 100k with 77 v A9.

We get to final three at 5.10am with a chip count at 5.15am. I’ve got 400k, Jason (pictured) has around 260k while the other lad has around 300k. There was just over three bags left in the prize money so I said we could take a bag each with the staff getting about 5%

Two results back to back now and its nice to have a little confidence installed in my game .

Played the Sunday millions on stars but didn’t do any good when my TT ran into AA on a 9 high flop


Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

Hi Steve,

Congrats on the win. Nice to see you get a result after the recent bad run you've documented. (I'm running like shit atm too).

Out of interest why did you do an even chop when it went to a count and you were CL?

Phillipia said...

I still do visit your blog - unfortunately, I skip back out when I see a nothin' but poker post.
I enjoyed todays post - thanks for going above and beyond:)

Anonymous said...

Another great result Steve. Pleased to see you're back on form.
All The Best-Rage.