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World Championship NL Texas Hold'em (Event 57)
Friday, July 03, 2009 to Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Buy-in: $10,000
Prizepool: $61,043,600
Entries: 6,494

Day 8 Starting Seat Assignments and Chip Counts

(Table 1) (Approx chips 48,000,000)
Jesse Haabak - 2,750,000
Ian Tavelli - 4,385,000
James Calderaro - 6,475,000
Jonathan Tamayo - 3,300,000
Warren Zackey - 5,485,000
Eric Buchman - 10,005,000
Leo Margets - 1,530,000
Tommy Vedes - 5,070,000
James Akenhead - 8,615,000

(Table 2) (approx chips 67,000,000)
Phil Ivey - 11,350,000
Jeff Shulman - 10,170,000
George Caragiorgas - 1,615,000
Nick Maimone - 1,545,000
Andrew Lichtenberger - 5,625,000
Marco Mattes - 5,285,000
Joseph Cada - 6,565,000
Darvin Moon - 20,160,000
Jordan Smith - 4,510,000

(Table 3) (appox chips 81,000,000)
Jamie Robbins - 9,795,000
Antonio Esfandiari - 4,470,000
Francois Balmigere - 1,440,000
Ludovic Lacay - 5,610,000
Steven Begleiter - 11,885,000
Ben Lamb - 9,410,000
Antoine Saout - 11,135,000
Kevin Schaffel - 11,245,000
Billy Kopp - 15,970,000

James is in really good shape now to make it back to the November final table.

His table has to be considered the softest of the three remaining tables.

Table 1 with an approximate chip count of 48 million with James holding 8.6 million just under 20% of the table chips and is 2nd only to Eric Buchman on 10 million. I imagine that James will get aggressive with the short stacks and will soon be bossing the table around.

Table 2 with the name that everyone wanted to avoid till final table Phil Ivey sitting proudly with over 11 million chips with an approx table count of 67 million. Davin Moon is the tournament chip daddy and is the only one on the table that can send Ivey home at the moment so Phil will be doing his best to avoid Davin till he builds he’s stack up a little.

Table 3 and probably this will be the table with the least action today as this table already has in the region of 81 million chips on here and six of the players are in the top 10 chip counts. Antonio Esfandiari has some work to do on here as he is the 2nd short stack on the table so I think he will quite like the table draw having avoided Ivey but managed to get on a table with all the chips on it.

27 runners left and not wishing to bok anyone but I’m going for my final table:

James Akenhead
Eric Buchman
Antonio Esfandiari
Phil Ivey
Billy Kopp
Ben Lanb
Jamie Robbins
Jeff Shulman
Tommy Vedes

Everyone has now guaranteed themselves a payday of at least $350,000 and if they can make final table then they get a minimum of $1¼ million