on 16:02

DTD £300 Freezeout

£80K guaranteed, 325 runners for the £300 freezeout on a wet Saturday evening generating a pot of £97,500

There was also another comp taking place at the same time with 101 runners and an abundance of cash tables available.

Everyone was saying that there was going to be a massive overlay again as there were only 70 approx who qualified via sats and all the negative press in the last two weeks as well as the weather.

Lots of big names already out in Vegas but just as many big names playing last night.

Good luck to DTD and the struggle ahead for them, lets hope that they can get through this crisis as it would be a massive loss not just for Midlander’s but for the poker community as a whole if the club were to close it's doors.

By the end of the first level I had managed to get up to 14k

My exit hand came at the start of level three when I got involved in a pot with 66. Five to the flop in an unraised pot, flop came K65 rainbow, checks to me so I bet here for 800, bb calls me, turn brings a 3 putting a flush and straight draws on the board, checks to me so I bet for 800, bb repops it to 1950, I then make it 4500 to which the bb shoves for around 9800 total, I call leaving myself with 1250 if I lose – I just don’t believe that he’s already got the straight although it’s very possible – he flips 74 for the straight and I miss one of my 10 outs.

Left the club when Andrea busted out of the £50 freeze out and went over the road to watch OBSESSED with Beyonce Knowles and aint she fit.

Done about $250 trying to qualify for the ECOOP $1500 main event tonight so that’s pissed me right off.

Adam Vinson
Kevin Smith
Mickey Wernick
Paul Gourlay
Dave Smith
David Tighe
Barry Neville are all in the top 25 going back today.