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Event 9 NL Holden 6 handed $1.500.

Peter Gould Eliminated in 3rd Place ($170,953)

Peter Gould raised to 120,000 from the button and found a caller from Ken Aldridge in the BB, before we went to a flop 7d6s2c. Aldridge checked to face a 385,000 all in bet from Gould. Aldridge tanked for a long while then made a great call with ATx to Gould's Kd9c. The As on the turn ended the hand, eliminated Gould and sent us to heads-up play.

Praz Bansi Eliminated in 7th Place ($42,320)

Praz Bansi raised to 65,000 from the button before Bryce Yockey three bets to 215,000 from the SB. Back on Bansi he takes a while to think and then moves all-in followed by a snap call with AsJh from Yockey. Bansi is in trouble with AcTc as the board comes .. 9c2h3h5dAd

Event 10, pot limit Holdem/Omaha $2500

Ben Grundy Eliminated in 3rd Place ($99,574)

Omaha Najib Bennani opened from the button with a raise to 125,000. In the small blind, Ben Grundy reraised the pot, making it 425,000 to play and leaving himself with just 40,000 funny money behind. Rami Boukai quickly folded his big blind, but Bennani would take his time to think things through. After about a minute-long stare-down, Bennani told Grundy he was putting him all in, and Grundy stuck the rest of his stack into the middle.
Bennani:4sQsJdKd Grundy:AcAsAd7s The flop was pretty safe and sound for the at-risk Grundy, coming 7c5hTc. Bennani picked up a lot of outs when the turn card brought the Jc though, and Grundy stood to sweat what would end up being his final card of the night. The Kh spiked the river, drawing a huge cheer from the relatively small Bennani cheerleading squad. Grundy's dry aces got run down by Bennani's two pair, and the Brit has been eliminated in 3rd place. For his efforts over the past three days, he'll walk away with just less than $100,000. Not too shabby, but judging by the look on his face, not the result he was hoping for tonight.

Paul Parker Eliminated in 6th Place ($39,904)

Hold'em Under the gun, Paul Parker opened with a raise to 84,000. Next door, Rami Boukai reraised the minimum, making it 144,000 to skate. The rest of the table ducked out, while Parker called off his last few thousand chips, putting himself in danger of extinction.
Parker: Ac6h Boukai:AdKs The board ran out bone dry for the at-risk Parker, coming 8c7cTh4d7h. Failing to get over the hump, Paul Parker has been knocked off in 6th place. Parker was the life of the party for three days, and the best dressed man in the field. His cheeky wit and gregarious spirit kept this final table light and cheerful despite the pressure of playing for a big prize. Now he has good reason to be happy as he'll collect just under $40,000 for his work over the course of this event.

John Kabbaj Eliminated in 8th Place ($28,006)
John Kabbaj limped from UTG, Rami Boukai called, then Cornel Cimpan raised to 66,000 from the button. Kabbaj called, and Boukai folded. The flop came 5s8s3h, Kabbaj bet the pot, Cimpan raised, and Kabbaj called with his remaining chips. Kabbaj showed AcJc7s4s, and Cimpan AsAhKhQs. The 9s on the turn meant Kabbaj was drawing dead to a single out for a straight flush. The river was the Jd , and Kabbaj is out, earning a little over $28,000 for his 8th place finish.