on 17:29

121 runners turn up to play the £500 freeze out at Walsall and I get of to a flyer.

With the following players on my table I knew I was going to have fun.

5 - 1 - Witold Nosko
5 - 2 - Michael McCool
5 - 3 - Mike Williams
5 - 4 - Rupinder Bedi
5 - 5 - John Miller
5 - 6 - Me
5 - 7 - Thomas Carpenter
5 - 8 - Richard Connolly
5 - 9 - Johnny Hewston

I pick up pocket tens early doors first level and call a raise in a 4 way pot to 325, flop comes down 927 rainbow I then call a bet of 1200 from Tom with just the two of us to the turn which is a 6, I check and Tom bets out 2000 to which I call. I then catch the ten on the river to which I bet out 3200 to which Tom calls me flipping over pocket aces.

About an hour later and after reaching the dizzy heights of 23k, Jon Raab reminds me that I’m in the same table and seat as I was when I donked off all my chips in the GUKPT not that I needed any reminding, things then rapidly went down hill from there when I called off half my stack to a new arrival on the table, I flopped top two pair with KQ on a KQ8 board that had been raised by the bb, He leads out quite aggressively to which I re-raise, he decides to flat call me to which a 8 comes on the turn, we both check here to which he chucks in 4k on the A river card, I call and he flips AK.

I then go out when I turn a straight and my oppo catches a flush on the river.

A case of déjà vu? Perhaps!!!


Amatay said...

Thank fk you got rid of those tunes :-)

Phillipia said...

awww - I liked the tunes. I put some on my site; I hope noone is saying that about my site now:(