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I played the £200 freeze out which eventually makes 130 runners with the alternates, being low stacked for the first 2 hours or so after doing most of my stack in the first 10 minutes when I slow played my pocket jacks on a 228 flop 9 turn and 5 river being lucky not to do all my stack when he showed the rivered straight after pushing all in to my final bet of 1800.

So I was down to 2.3k from my 6k starting stack and struggling, the one good thing was that Ali Mallu was on my table and I had position on him and more importantly he was chipped up. I think over the past three years I’ve had my fair share of luck against Ali sending him to the rail on at least 4 occasions so I hold no fear of him but at the same time I have the greatest of respect for him.

Ali gives me a gift when I raise utg with AQ to 425 blinds at 75/150 folds round to Ali on the BB and he has around 20k at this point, he makes it 1450 so I shove for the extra 850 and Ali calls showing A9, this puts me up to 4700.

On my next SB folds to Ali on the button and he makes it 400 to go. I call with 8d4d and the BB Tom (Lucy Rokash’s partner) also calls flop comes 228 and it checks to Ali who fires in a bet of 2k, I tank for a couple of minutes worried that I’ve been trapped by an overpair but I eventually make a decision to shove, Tom folds and Ali asks what the difference is, 2300 and Ali says gone on then I have to call and flips over A6, board comes blanks for Ali and I’m now up to 9700.

Next hand I’m on the button, Ali has limped so I make it 375, Tom on the sb makes it 900, Ali calls as do I with 5c7c flop comes down 4x 6c 5x I check and Tom bets 900 Ali calls as do I, 9c on the turn to which I check, Tom makes it 1575, Ali folds I ask Tom “how much left” to which he has around 5k and I just have him covered, I put him all in figuring that if I am behind then I’ve got possibly 14 – 16 outs depending on what Toms got, I get an insta call from Tom and he flips pocket 9s for the set, I hit a club on the river to give me a stack of 21000.

On the next orbit my bb and I find pocket queens, I raise up to 5 limpers in the pot so I raise to 1250 to get rid of any rag aces, utg calls and Ali shoves over the top for his last 7k, I notice that the utg caller only has 7k so I’m not to concerned about him coming over the top, He decides to fold AQ. Ali has 5c6c with the board coming KTA4T. I now get to the first break on just under 30k

I then get moved and go card dead on a very aggressive table, I try making a couple of moves to which I am re-raised so I have to pass. I’m on this table till I am moved and my stack has dwindled to 21k with the ave at 22k.

I am here for about an hour when I call an all in from a short stack and I’m on the bb with AK I run into A4 and he turns a 4 against me to leave me with 12k

Next orbit with blinds at 600/1200 ra 75 and I’m on the sb with AsKs and Terry has gone all in the last ¾ hands, he’s in mid position and gone all in again, I call and he flips pocket 8s board comes TK5J8 once again I exit to a 22/1 river card going out with just 26 runners left.

I pay into the £330 for the following evening.

The next day (Friday) I decide to go for a game of golf, 2pm tee time and we’re still sat in the club house waiting for the rain to ease off, 2.45pm and the siren goes off warning people on the course to leave straight away as there is thunder and lightening in the area. The course is closed.

I head over to Walsall who are supposed to be having a £20 rebuy into the £500 freezeout, It’s a no go as their aint enough runners, why the fuck they don’t guarantee these events during festival week is beyond me anyway I decide to play a £60 sit n go freezeout 10 seater with one ticket to the £500 up for grabs. First hand and I’m in seat one and on the button and there’s a limp utg and Chris Wright in seat 7 makes it 250 (3,000 starting stack) folds to me so I hump up to 1250 25xbb just to get rid of any rag aces or low pairs, utg thinks for a minute then passes, Chris thinks and I know if he makes the call he will be jamming on the flop, I’ve also decided to call pre if he goes over the top of me, he elects to just call and jams on the 366 flop, I call and he asks “you got jacks Steve?” I say that I aint got a pair and he turns over A3, the board blanks out for me and I say good call pre flop…

I decide to withdraw from the £300 as my mind just aint up to this and need to get my head straight if I’m going to play the £500.

Last night I played on-line just playing a couple of steps on Stars but with no success.

Playing the £500 later this evening and am hoping that I can not only get deep but also lose this jinx that I have had over me for the last three months or so.

Been watching quite a lot of the ladies tennis from Wimbledon in the last few days, so much more interesting than the lads playing!!!

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Phillipia said...

Take my picture down, ok???
Hope your luck gets better soon.