on 11:17

Played DTD's 5 euro rebuy for a seat to their £150 freezeout nect weekend with the intention to transfer it to Andrea as I've already got the seat for the £300. I crashed out in mid position after laying down two hands with a lot of my chips in the liddle and shown two bluffs, then getting it all in with AJ v 99 blanking out.

Will be playing Walsall later in the £30 rebuy with 10 seats guaranteed into the £500 main event on Saturday for the Walsall leg of the GUKPT Summer Mini Series.
I was also told by card room staff when I was in Walsall earlier tis week that their will be no GUKPT next year as they are taking a year out!!!!

Painting the decking out the back while the weather is decent as well.