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Having spent a week down at my mates Paul King’s I know that it’s not just me going through an awful run, but it seems to me that anyone who’s not using software is struggling – so perhaps it’s time to embrace the software and see if I can move forward and win some bucks.

I played the 10 euro rebuy on DTD last night for a seat to the £330 freezeout at the start of next month in Nottingham, got in on the cheap for just 20 euros so I really need to get deep and get a good cash.

The GUKPT mini festival is on this week at Walsall and this is the schedule:

Weds 2pm £10 rebuy sat to the £200 on Thursday
Weds 8pm £30 rebuy sat to the £500 on Saturday (10 seats guaranteed)
Thurs 2pm £20 rebuy sat to the £500 on Saturday
Thurs 8pm £200 freeezeout (2 dayer) 6k in chips***
Friday 2pm final of the £200
Friday 2pm £20 rebuy sat to the £500 on Saturday
Friday 8pm £300 freezeout (2 dayer) 7k in chips***
Saturday 2pm final of the £300
Saturday 2pm £20 rebuy sat to the £500 at 6pm
Saturday 6pm £500 freezeout (2 dayer) 10k in chips***
Sunday 2pm final of the £500
Sunday 4.30pm £75 freezeout (1 dayer) 4k in chips
Sunday 9.15pm £50 T/C freezeout deepstack 15k

*** Winner gets a seat into the Champions of Champions event at the end of the year.


ROSSI said...

hey i have all the software and AM STILL LOSING!!!

Fenix35 said...

Good luck in the Walsall series of poker. It would be fun to play in them but I'm down south. And hey, I can't do worse than i did last time half a year ago lol!!

Congrats on your DTD seat too. You seem to do very well in these sattys!