on 21:04

Tonight I will be trying to get a seat on Stars for their sat into the WSOP main event, 25 seats guaranteed and will probably make 50 if they get around 1000 runners.

I already have a seat for the Full Tilt 150 seat guaranteed and that will probably make 200 seats.

I received many comments in the last couple of days with most of them being very supportive of this shit run that I’m going through and one or two negative comments but last night I received three comments all within 10 minutes of each other at 3.30am – this person who obviously knows me so well and wants to slag me off but does it anon – then have the bollocks to pick the phone up and call me or at least put your name to the comment, I’d have more respect for you that way.

Love you all – have a nice day x


Phillipia said...

Some people just cannot help being assholes - I know quite a few of them myself...

Happy Dad's Day, Steve.