on 07:25

Thanks for all your kind messages of support yesterday.

I decided yesterday to give a wide berth to the “on-line” game preferring to head up to Leeds and play a live game at the British Masters £220 freeze out.

75 runners with final table 8 getting paid.

I play so fucking solid for 8 hours..

11 players left, 2 tables, 5 & 6  handed

I’m on the Small blind 2000/4000/400ra

Raise on cut off to 16000

Folds to me and I re-raise “all in” for an extra 5k

Big Blind short stack also goes “all-in” for a total of 11,000

Cut off calls the extra..

Cut off has 5 5

Big Blind has 3 5

Me = A A

I am a massive favourite for the hand now with 42 cards in the deck and I can hit 41 of them

x 5 x x x

Bubbled 9th

Don’t you just love the game?


Rosie said...

At least you know its not just online poker!
Chin up mate.

James Atkin said...

Just what you needed after a bad run of things(!)

vul mate

Newy said...

Damn, Very very unlucky. To get so near in a decent comp like that, and to win main event package other day, this is whilst ur runnin bad so there must be some positives to take, when the poker gods do smile on u hopefully u in for a big big result.

AlexB said...

OMG that is one harsh kick in the nuts. Feel for you Steve, vvul m8.

Frederico said...

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Best Regards

The Rage said...

Hi Steve. Very unlucky with the Leeds comp. Sorry to hear that life's not treating you too well right now. I hope things work out ok for you. As you say, the poker is very addictive, and can easily take over your life. But there is more to life than poker.
Maybe you could try rationing your poker time. ie-every weekend internet free. Every other weekend poker free. That sort of thing.
At the end of the day, it's up to you to try and find the right balance, between the poker and the rest of your life.
I'm not trying to preach. Just offering my honest opinion.
Wishing you All The Best-In poker, and life-Rage.

Kev said...

Hi Steve hope your on the up,once more,I am a long time reader of this blog,I read it most weeks through the highs and lows that occur as the nature of the game take to you your destination,Yesterday post is 1 of the reason why I and other read it because you speak honestly and from the heart.No shit I hope you can work through this mate,theres the old adage about falling of your bike as kid,put yours in the garage for a couple of days and pick up the golf clubs that are in there,get out have a beer with those who matter in your life get the smile on your face and the twinkle in them auld weary blue eyes.Good luck m8

also have not added a song for a little while so pop this one on the jukey m8 (usher simple things)

Kev said...

Hi Steve can across this on 1 of the forum a lot of it made a whole lot of sense to me TBH,may help worth a try mate good luck.Kev

Good Luck Steve cheers for the tune

Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

Thats so shit, unlucky Steve. When are you in Vegas? We'll meet up for a few beers if you've time.

Anonymous said...

Eh? Im confused mate.

Should the BB on 35 not bubble it and you get the 9th place?

Or was the board XX53X ?? With no other pair?

Maybe im reading it wrong.

Steve H. said...

sorry mate..

were 11 left not 10.

we were 5 handed other table 6 handed... same outcome though ;-(