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So the first Brown Belts have been selected along with the Blue belts after a gruelling 4 weeks of on-line torture and a three-hour radio show the “chosen ones” finally got to hear their fate.

Brown Belts:
Jerome Bradpiece
Richard Hawes
James Keys
Sida Yuen
Adam Latimer
David Tighe
Kevin Allen
Jamie Roberts

Blue Belts:
Stephen Hall
Chaz Chattha
Eoin Kennedy
Joe Whittaker
Jon Lundy
Joel Ettedgy
Dominic Kay
Toby Lewis
Adam Noone
Dave Bland
Nick Wright
Henry Griffiths
James Mitchell
Alex Martin
Mark McCluskey
Richie Allen

I think it’s fair to say that David Tighe was nailed on since week two and was obvious for all to see that he succeeded in all the given criteria and should have been the first name on the list. Certain other names on the Brown Belt list “had their moments” as did players selected for Blue and Green belts

This is certainly not a case of sour grapes now but just my opinion and I think I’m entitled to one given that I spent almost 4 weeks of my life grinding away, working for the community trying to attain a goal of being one of the first Brown belts.

I was always sceptical at first that this was going to be a “rake exercise” and that Neil & Co had already pre-selected his 8 Brown belters and the others were purely there to make the numbers and the rake up.

Given that Micky Wernick, Sunny & Tony Phillips effectively dropped out before the show started this in my eyes meant that there was at least 3 belts unaccounted for. I know that with these three dropping out other graders were relieved and believed they had a chance and that the process wasn’t rigged.

I think that more emphasis should have been placed on profit than what was expressed in the video sent out to the selected candidates.

I’s obvious to a blind man that the site and the rewards that come with the belts can only happen if there is rake coming in, I think that the initial thought process was that 50 graders would bring in an ave of $1k rake per week, each week of the grading at the given levels and allowing for fall outs they should get $160k from rake over the 4 weeks.

I believe they have made no where near this as they lost 10 graders almost immediately and most graders elected to play STT’s with a lower rake return per hour than say 4 cash tables would return.

Assuming that sponsorship of the belts start upon returning from Vegas then BBP will have an implied cost from Aug – Dec of $320,000 being made up of:
Browns $32,000 per month
Blues $24,000 “
Greens $ 8,000 “ (approx)
Total $64,000 per month

Tag on to this cost the $160k & ex’s of $50k and overheads and running costs of another $50k (Jen & Snoops) and you got a cost of nearly $600k between now and the new year. I’ll be surprised if they made more than $100k rake out of the grading process so you can see from day one that there will be a lot of emphasis on getting some live results out in Vegas.

Black Belt Poker will rely heavily on live results for cash income, can on-line players get results live? lets wait and see, as a live fish coming and grinding out on-line I found it extremely difficult.

I’m not that certain that live players will opt to play on-line where there is no rake return, live players will soon realize that they would be funding their own live play by losing the rake back, Live players get to keep 100% and not have any make up as the rake that they get from other sites would pay for their own live play.

BBP will be relying on new Internet players joining up with the lure of live sponsorship at the end of the carrot as the bait, will these new Internet players who don’t realize what rake back deals there are “stay and play”? I hope they do for BBP’s sake as they will need every last dollar of rake that they can squeeze from them.

I was disappointed with the meeting on Thursday 14th May. I felt it was a complete waste of time and effort.

I also think that there should be more accountability and transparency in making your decisions and having a leader board in place, at least then graders can see where they are at any given time and in what areas they need to improve, if your bottom of the list “tough shit” get over it and work your way up, much the way a group grading class at martial arts centre is run, the results are up on a weekly basis with all the given areas to be judged on “marked up” so if you have got to leap frog someone in the last week you know exactly how that can be achieved.
I think the way the Belts were selected were very much down to preceivement, opinions, profit and rakeability- for the sake of future gradings you will need transparency in place.

I also think that there needs to be a level playing field for all graders to fight upon. In this experiment some graders budgets were obviously bigger than others with some graders being staked which in turn takes some of the pressure away. Everyone should start with say $2k in their account on week one and can only move up the levels when they are up to $3k, $4k and $5k if you drop from $4k to $2k you drop back down the levels encouraging bankroll management and avoiding the “Gambling in order to spin the money up is not encouraged mentality” this would give the mentors and graders some measurable targets to be used as a yard stick.

I left when it became apparent that I could only get Blue belt with a few days left and my goal when I started was Brown/Black belt. I had also given myself a $2k budget that I had now used and was not prepared to go chasing.

Good luck to the Eight Brown belters out in Vegas and to the Blue belters staying on and working their way up the ladder. Announcing the decisions on a radio show, nothing like the personal touch when letting down people who have grinded there guts out for you.

Good luck to Black Belt Poker, Jen & Snoops, Nik & Neil I’m sure you will have learnt a lot from this blue print that you can take on board for future gradings.


James Atkin said...

A very good post mate.

Thanks for the well wishes on my blog.

Now to stick it in their eye by making lots of moolah ;)

Razboynik said...

I think what Neil and Nik are doing is an excellent idea. There is no such thing as a free lunch, so you have to expect anomalies in the system.

Steve H. said...

Thanks James, Good luck for the future mate.

Hi Razboynik, Thanks for dropping by. I wasnt actually after "a free lunch".

"so you have to expect anomalies in the system" Why do you, this is the idea of contribution and sharing thoughts in the hope that peoples thoughts and idea's come together to make a seemless system.

Platonic_ said...

hate to say i told you so.... bbp is a complete waste of time imo.

the blind leading the blind. i'd put my own money on the line and bet that the "company" will be bust within a year.

Yorkshire Pud said...

Channing and co will be making a small fortune off of this. I was skeptical when I first read about it, same for bad beat too as they are just designed to get tons of rake from the players.

Good luck to all of the belts though.

eric red kite half-a-bee said...

Very good review, I have been following your "journey" with interest. I have to agree that I can't see how asking decent Live players to grind the low stakes online will help anyone. Surely the way forward would be to take people who are already a success at one level of play and then help them move up to the next step. And also unless there is some secret society aspect where "hidden" secret skills are revealed, the BBP website seems to already be a very generous supply of very useful info :-) I have been soaking up the articles etc etc.