on 14:17

Day 12 in the Black Belt Poker House.

I get back from the workshop around 10.30pm and decide I’m going to do the grave yard shift.

I grab a few hours sleep firing up the laptop at 1.20am some four hours later and I’m showing a profit of £5

I then get a few hours sleep kicking off again at 11am going through to 2pm with a loss of £5, so seven hours in and a break even day.

Looking forward to the graders tournament on Sunday night on Pokerstars, this is going to be a $10 freezeout so bragging rights to be won.

This gives me the rest of Friday off and also choosing to take Saturday off as it’s Edwards birthday (13th) and I can have some time with Andrea.


Graham Stuart said...

Enjoying your blog - pretty adictive!
Good luck with the grading as looks like an interesting oppurtunity.
Must be frustrating playing poker for a living, as so many of the big scores come down to one hand going against you (or for you).

Steve H. said...

Thanks Graham,
Poker on the whole is very frustrating and obviously when you rely on it as your income the bad beats hurt even more - but thats why we probably love the game in the first place.
thanks for dropping by mate