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Day 11 in the Black Belt Poker House

After last week’s disaster at the hotel I decide that I’m going to drive down to Stanmore Tube station at the end of the Jubilee line and get two tubes to Canon Street, the tube journey takes an hour to complete changing at Westminster. £4.70 for the M6 toll, £3.20 to park for the day at the tube station is a result although it took me 20 minutes to get a space even though there’s about 500 spaces. £7.50 for the day’s unlimited travel card is the only other cost apart from the diesel, so the cheaper alternative to the hotel but I’m not sure how knackered I’ll be for the drive home which will take about a couple of hours.

The itinerary for the day is:
1pm Introduction by Neil Channing, troubleshooting, Q&A.
1:30pm Talk by David Tighe on ICM
2::30pm Break
2:50pm Talk by Jen Mason on Buddy system and group work
3:15pm Hand analysis – Group discussion of TV hands
4:15pm AA meeting: “Who do you not want on your table and why?”
4:35pm Break
5:00pm Individuals’ ‘homework’ hand discussion, in four smaller groups with team leaders
6:30pm A.O.B

I’ve been buddied up with Eoin Kennedy so we swap numbers and agree to sweat each other.

At the 3.15 Hand analysis we were discussing hands from the high stakes poker series and we were discussing one hand in particular involving Phil Laak v Antonius – Nik Persaud was asking the group “who thinks that’s a shit raise pre flop, stick your hands up” when in walks Phil “The Unabomber” Laak. In the clip Laak puts an $80,000 bet on the river into a pot with $127,000 and Antonius is thinking about the call with just a pair of fours, we have the clip paused, and Laak is screaming at Antonius “FOLD-you sick fucker” If you haven’t seen the hand then you can see it here.

This was a nice surprise that the lads had laid on in getting Laak to come see us and for some of the internet kids there this was a privilege. Phil stayed to the end of the day, offering one-one advice or just answering general questions.

We had the AA meeting where I said that I wouldn’t like to be sat on Pete Linton’s, Lawrence Gosney, Channings table but all three had been mentioned before it got round to me. In truth – I hate being sat on Andrea’s table as there’s nothing worse than playing against your missus.

We then had some hand discussion where I had taken two hands in for discussion from the DTD live event at the weekend, the hands involving Nicola Jones and Lucy Rokach, it was good to get so many different points of view.
We are told that there is going to be a graders freezeout on sunday night on Pokerstars, so I'm looking forward to that little game now, keeping my fingers crossed.

We finished around 7.15pm, I got to Stanmore for around 8.30pm getting home for 10.30pm


Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

Great post Steve, nice surprise to meet Phil Laak...

Kevin Stevens said...

Good luck with the grading Steve. Quick question though, would you normally be squeezing in quite long online sessions after late finishes at live venues?

Steve H. said...

Thanks Martin. I had the pleasure of being on P Laaks table in Bristol 2 years ago and was a pleasure then, He is such a nice guy as well.
Thanks Kev, I was intending on squeezing a full 6 hours out as I had so much to do thatday but in the end I just collasped, but not normally mate.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Tell the truth Steve your one sick puppy you have took this on without any intention of easing down on your usual grind :)
ffs man just concentrate on bbp as like i said in the past the rewards are to great to ignore!!

Are you playing Newcastle GUKPT?

Steve H. said...

Wishfull thinking Jimmy,Have deffo eased up mate, the oldbody cant take it any more.
British Masters at Edinburugh, The GUKPT in Newcastle both being no-goers for me as I try to win the Brown Belt package it also look like the Main event £1000 on the 27th May is going to be the next major that I can play so i'll be trying hard to sat into this on 18th May.
How about you mate?

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

I will be playing the £200,£300 and trying to sat into main event as £1k is way over my budget,there are not many decent games in Newcastle anymore so iam looking forward to the GUKPT