on 09:09

Day 10 in the Black Belt Poker House.

Having played the Deep Stack event at Walsall and getting deep again I return home ready for an early morning session.

4am – 5.30 and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open now, so I hit the sack -£20

I get up around 10am chilling out with a cup of tea before the grind starts, I sit watching tables for an hour before I even enter.

11am – 15.10 So many outdraws today, I keep trapping these fish but end up trapping myself when I get them to commit their chips into the pot, yum yum I think, you guessed it – they hit their miracle card on the river.
I have a short break, catching up with what the other graders are doing, you too can catch up on there progress, click on the banner.......

15.45 – 17.15 after being over -£350 at one point this afternoon I turn this shit afternoons performance round with a superb home run, in the last eight games I played I took four of them down, 1x2nd and 1x3rd to give me a profit for the day of £110+ for 7 hours+

This brings my week 2 running total to -£134

Off to London for the workshop now and I’ve decided to drive down and get the tube from Stanmore. Looking forward to it now.


Jim (Glasgow) said...

Come on Steve you can do it.
Me and Jane (the mrs) first met you in Vegas 2 years ago and thought then that you were a star of the future, your a quality player and a damn nice fella.
Go get tat Black Belt.

claire Holden said...

go for it dad!