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Day 9 in the Black Belt Poker House.

I get an early start in today (Tuesday) as I want to grovel and make up to the missus for the barny yesterday, so will take her out for a meal later.

I log on and get playing my first game of the day for 10am quickly firing up 4 stt’s and getting into the flow – the flow of water in that river is where I’m flowing right now, So many sucker punches coming my way, I know how Ricky Hatton feels now but without the consolation of a $20 million dollar pay day, I am being battered all over the shop.

90 minutes into the session and I’m leaking over £110.

By 3.30pm I’m over £260 down and needing to top up my funds.

Took forty minutes to finish the last game getting a first place and pulling me back $100 to set me back £184 for the day after a 7.5 hrs session putting week 2 losses at £244

I will be playing HU’s only tomorrow, I so need to get my game together and get some cash back.

I’ve had an article in Betfair, click on the photo to read my summary of Week One.

To find out how the other graders are progressing follow the link by clicking the banner below:

I make it down to Walsall for the £50 Deep Stack.

Steady first 2 levels 21k at the break.
40 runners for a £2k pot. Pay's down to 5 with £960 for the winner.
Start of level 4 with 24k
Start of level 5 with 30k.
Start of level 6 with 41k.
Start of level 7 with 39600.
Start of level 8 with 46k.
Start of level 9 with 49k ave at 30k with 18 runners left.
Start of level 10 with 93k ave at 33k and 18 left.
Start level 11 with 84k still 18 left.. Blinds at 2/4k.
Start level 12 with 125 k ave at 46k and 13 players left..
Made final table with 93k with the ave at 66k.
Start level 14 with 78k 6/12k blinds
Start level 15 with 68k 8/16k
All in pre with AhQh v AA out in 6th .


Amatay said...

Keep goin fish. I liked your article on BetFair btw, good stuff mate