on 08:49

Day 8 in the Black Belt Poker house

Bank Holiday Monday

For one reason or another I’m tilted up before I even fire up the laptop today.

My first 3.10 minute session is on the $20 STT’s and I’m spewing dollars everywhere, not just to bad play but 2 and 3 outer’s hitting like Phil Taylor aiming for a bull’s eye on a dartboard they just cant miss.
£100 down so not the best of starts to week two, I so needed to give my confidence a boost here and get into the black and I’m already on my back heal, shit.

Second session from 17.10 – 21.00 playing STT HU at $20 getting some of my losses back from earlier but I’m still pissed off when I finish the day £60 down.

Went down to Walsall to play their evening comp but it had been cancelled due to No Runners?

I put my name down on the £20 sit and go and cash out 1 hour later for £40. I then deposit £120 onto the £2/£2 PL Holdem and build that up to £430 in one hour. Why cant I run like this on-line.


Scandalous Housewife said...

You always freak me out with your unibomber pic!

Steve H. said...

I think we found your fetish Scandalous x

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