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May 2nd – May 3rd

311 runners
£93,300 in the pot.
10,000 starting chips.

Went fishing early on but only found the sharks out there that left me with 6k end level 1.

Holding 44 in the bb there’s a raise to 400 from the button Nicola Jones, I call and check in the dark flop came Kc 8h 4c Nicola bets 425 so I raise to 1100 re raised to 3200 so I re pop it to 5700 Nicola then goes all in and I insta call, Nicola has AK drawing dead. This puts me up to 15175

16k end level 2

End of level 3 first break 16375

End of level 4 down to 10 k

Mid way through level 5 with AJ in the hole, mid table raised to 800 pre folp, I called and so did limper in seat 10 flop comes 89T checked to i/r who goes all in for another 5200. I call with a draw and overcards, He flips over pocket aces and I miss.

12k end of level 5.

Five minutes into level 6 when I limp on the button with j 9 hearts sb Jehan Zaib (Jonny) makes it 900 blinds at 150/300 flop comes Jd 8h 4h sb checks so I bet out 650 rr to 3650 I rr to 6650 and john puts me all in for my remaining 4k. Joins got AQ Jack on the turn seals it for me on 24k now

22050 end of level 6

Start of level 7 I donk off 11k with AK v KK. I then get a double up to 20600 with JJ v AQ pre flop.

14k end of level 7.

Short stacked on the table with blinds at 600/1200 I find KdJd on the BB folds round to button Paul Bacchus who raises to 2600 so thinking that it’s a button raise I shove, Paul makes a reluctant but good call with QQ I hit a king on the river. On 22k with 5 minutes left of level 8

21250 start of level 9 Last level for the day.
I start back on day2 (Sunday) with 16700

18.5k start level 11 with 80 runners left and ave at 39k.

Start of level 12 with 33k ave at 50k

Start of level 13 with 62k

Start of level 14 with 60500 Lucy Rokach gets moved to my table and has a mountain of chips Approx 140k She steals my bb on both orbits when on the third occasion I find JJ in the hole, instead of jamming here I decide to play the player and get clever, DURRRRRR. I flat call Lucy’s 3.5xbb raise flop comes ATT I check to lucy who checks it back to me, 4 comes on the turn, I again check and Lucy makes it 9k here – I don’t know what hand to put Lucy on here although I aint putting her on a T subconsciously I decide to check call to the river and call a 15k here to see her A9

Start level 15 with 22500 ave at 80k with 39 left

1st hand of new level folds to me so I push with k8 lucy wakes up with a6 no help and I'm gone in 39th place with it paying down to 27

Lucy went on to win it after doing a deal heads up.

Big mentions for Paul King who went out in 12th

Paul Bacchuss 35th


Colin Young 14th, Colin won the event in March and won the £150 event last month so is currently on fire.


DungBeetle said...

Unlucky Steve - nice run though.


Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

I still feel sick after my 9's into scott reids 10's.

Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

I still feel sick after running my 9's into scott reids 10's. 2 hands before, I flopped 2 pair with my AQ on an AQT board, i doubled him up to 32k holding TJ hitting a T on river. Just shows ya, from 16k he's moved up into the chip lead with 124k. Great blog Steve, GL with BBP, see you soon. Dev