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Day 6 in the Black Belt Poker House

Managed to get 3 hours in today as I was playing at DTD in their £300 event.
I spend two hours on the stt's and take a bit of a battering so spend the last hour of the session on the HU tables where I have had my best results.

Noon - 3pm and it's a break even session.

Just got back from DTD where 311 runners took to the field and we have 100 runners going back later for Sunday lunch. Ave at 31k I'm plodding along on 16,700 with the big blind at 1200 when we return so I will be looking for an early double up. Play restarts at 2pm so will need to put some hours in tonight when I get back from Nottingham.

that we have had 10 recruits drop out already, mentors were expecting a certain amount to give up, but talking to fellow recruits at DTD we all thought this was a high figure so early into the program.

I'm also doing an article for Betfair and the deadline for that is Sunday night/Monday morning so I wont be hanging around should I make final table at DTD.

I just punted £100 on Hatton to win within 6 after listening to Richie Woodhall on five live on the way home from DTD, 4 minutes later and Hattons gone to sleep, which by the way is where I'm heading now.

Will try to post some hands from dtd later if I get the chance.
11.40am. Back to DTD now so am going to have to find another three hours so where today to complete my session from yesterday, would I get compasionate leave if I make final table with a BBP shirt on though? - some pushing to do to make that final table first.
Be lucky.


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

10 dropped out already jesus thats worse than the royal marines!
it looks to me like your pushing yourself a little to hard Steve(betting hatton to beat the pac man is def the 1st sign of insanity;i hope you didnt double him up with Newcastle to beat Liverpool)
My own personal opinion is that there are far to many blogs now but yours is turning into a must read and imo probably the 2nd best blog out there :) keep up the good work

Steve H. said...

Thanks for your kind words.
would I be completely mad if I said Villa to beat hull on Monday?

TEAMDOBB said...

Jimmy likes a few of the Chardonnay mate - get ya wallet on Newcastle pal ya mad!!!!!!!

Brian manx said...

Hi mate,
first of all let me agree with Jimmy that your blog is a must read and is the first one that I read each and every day.
Youve taken a lot of shit over this KK v TT hand where you said you would seriously thought about laying it down to AK. I could never be that good to lay a hand down like that preflop but I know you and you can. I was on your table in the £500 at walsall some 18 months ago and you were deep into day one when you raised on the cut off, I shoved on the big with AK and I had you covered. you gave it the big dwell, told me that you were ahead, you even named my hand, showing me KK you passed saying that you could wait for a better spot, we got the dealer to deal the board and you were spot on mate with an ace in the window. I for one think your a quality player, good luck with Black Belt and today at dtd.

p.s you went on to win the £500 lol

ROSSI said...

alright steve

send my your email address mate, i have spent a bit of time this afternoon and done you an excel doc showing my hud stats for Holdem manager and a few screenshots of it my setup.

If you have never used em before it can be completely foreign as to what stats mean what and knowing what is good and what isnt.

You will be able to create your own hud layout and quickly input the values/colour settings from my document (it took me months to get them to what i consider to be optimal!!)

There is a good help section on HM with loads of screenshots of how to do everything. As i say the hardest thing is knowing what stats/values to use and what is good/bad, which i have done for you.

any probs though m8 let me know

Kev said...

10 by the wayside makes you a 5/1 shot now steve.You be lucky to see your bed at this rate never mind getting some golf in.Just Read about you owning some thai looking guy with trip 8s v AA on blonde,nice one and he calling you the donk.Good Luck.

Steve H. said...

I've had some shit bets recently but I deffo wont be backing Newcastle - and you aint getting no points from us either mate. ;-)
Good luck next year in the championship.
Hi Brian,
Thanks for your compliments mate.
As far as the hands concerned I do remember it, I was split between putting you on aces or AK, turned out to be a good lay down though
Will do Rossi, thanks
Alright Kev,
Dont know anything about that hand trip 8s v AA or at least I cant remember,must have been on autopilot at the time. Golf clubs gathering dust mate.

TEAMDOBB said...


I've had some shit bets recently but I deffo wont be backing Newcastle"

called it right again!!!!!!

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Teamdobbs failed to point out that i never have a chardonnay before 7pm and i always have bran flakes and wholemeal toast when i get up at 6.30pm so i am in effect a finely tuned poker player and would be highly offended if anybody thought i was just a wino who gets lucky twice a week in poker tournys....ahem!