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Firstly I’d like to say a massive “Thank you” to all of you that have visited my blog, left comments, offered words of encouragement during the last 4 weeks whilst I was on the Black Belt Poker grading. Without you lot dropping by offering your thoughts then the blog simply wouldn’t be worth continuing.

So back to reality of the daily grind of life

I basically chilled out yesterday.

Still trying to sort my TV out as the warranty company have gone into receivership and the shop that I brought it from only want to give me a third of its original cost of £999 as they say that it’s now old and at the end of its warranty. Having taken legal advice I told them to either up their offer or fix the fucking tv or replace it with a like for like. They are coming back to me early next week once they have spoken to their company lawyers.

Andrea is looking at half term breaks for next week for her and Edward and was busy looking on the Internet for some late deals. I so need a holiday where I don’t take the laptop and where I just totally chill out, jetski, sun, sand and tanning up with the occasional game of golf – oh I can only dream. I myself will be over at DTD during the half term break and will obviously be hoping to go deep into the main event.

Dusk till Dawn held a 50 seat guaranteed super satellite to the £1000 Main Event that had a whopping £15,000 overlay and I was lucky enough to win one of these seats. This coming Monday night (Bank Holiday) they are having a “15 seats” guaranteed rebuy comp with a 20euro buy in, so will be trying for another seat as I’ve got such a fat arse I need two seats, seriously though – DTD are allowing you to cash if you’ve already got a seat or you can use it for later in the year.

Really low figures at the Newcastle GUKPT day1 yesterday with just 44 runners coughing up the £1060. It will be interesting to see how many stump up today but I’m sure this will be the lowest attended main event to date. Simon and Rob will also be looking at this turnout with vested interest as they have a £250,000 guarantee in place for next weeks main event. With Vegas effectively starting earlier this year a lot of sikko’s have already crossed the pond so along with the credit crunch I’m not surprised numbers are down.

Apologies are in order from me to a player called JimmyEck.

Last night on ipoker

$12500 Guaranteed $5 rebuy
1,400 entrants.
80 left
$3,600 first prize

Blinds at 2000/4000/400r/a

I’m in middle position with 58,081(below ave stack) when it folds round to me when I shove my stack (possibly an overbet) folds to Jimmy on the bb who has around 75,000 (ave stack) and he calls me with pocket 2’s

I lose the race, deciding to berate him,
Jimmyfuckwit I call him.
In my opinion, he wouldn’t, couldn’t and shouldn’t have made this call with deuce’s
He obviously knows me and say’s ”ty steve”

Anyway I’m out of order so wp mukker.

I’m hoping to get a game of golf in today and am meeting up with some mates around 1pm.

Be lucky. ;-)


Katrine said...

Good to see you putting black belt behind you yea and getting on with your shit.

I wouldnt had called wit 22 in dat spot too. too many card to hurt me there.

had a good weekend steve x

Kevin Stevens said...

Good luck at DtD next week and unlucky with the BB stuff. Do you think moving around to all different levels during the grading was a hinderance and if they said to you, "Steve where runnin another BB gradin session strating in three weeks, you want in" would you try again?

Steve H. said...

Thanks Katrine, you have a good weekend too.

Steve H. said...

Thanks Kevin.

I dont think the moving of levels was that much of a hinderance to be honest.

Week One I really needed to get off to a good start but was down by £190, so nothing too drastic.

Week two was at the same levels apart from the STT's that I was playing and I suffered a loss of £134 and again this could have been pulled back.

Where I felt the pressure was on day 1 of week 3 when I had a loss of £274 and I felt after that-that I was always playing catch up.

It was always said that they would like the Blue belts from this group to make up about 75% of graders on the next course.

I already fund myself to at least the level of a blue belt for live play each month $1500 and see no reason why I would want to give 50%of that away. I can sit and grind on any skin for that amount of time and create enough rake to put myself in and keep 100%

Dont get me wrong, Black Belt Poker is a great idea and concept esp if your an on-line player and you want to break through to playing live, they (Black Belt) have got some great mentors there with shit loads of experience in Neil and Nik.

I could do the next grading and be massivily ahead in all the other contributing factors and still not get Brown if you run bad.

There never was a leader board and you are not aware what carrys what points - but in a real martial arts enviroment you are given your current standings with notification on where you can improve, so if your last after week 3 you know exactly what and how you have been judged and what you got to do to turn it round, also you know where your fellow graders are as well.

This was a massive learning curve for me as I'm sure it was and is for the future of Black Belt Poker.

James Atkin said...

Hey mate,

Was sorry to read about you dropping out of the grading. I can understand your reasons, I've gone over my budget for the whole thing. Really wasn't anticipating losing but definitely only slim margins exist on ipoker and the downswings can be gross. Hope it hasn't got you down too much.

Best of luck in the DTD 1k man, hope you take it down!


Kevin Stevens said...

I dunno, you might disagree Steve but I'm pretty sure I would cane you arse at the lower stakes in a BB-BB win rate contest.

I know your a much better player than me, but I've spent much more time playing these guy's than you have so it makes me wonder what they where proving by having players like yourself, Alex M, and James A etc grinding for two weeks at stakes you don't know or care about much.

Steve H. said...

Thanks James and good luck for the rest of the week.
They are only slim margins and the only winners just like in the casino's are the house. I think you have to have clear goals and targets and a budget but most of all these gaols need to be measureable. Hope you get that call on Monday night mate, fingers crossed for you.
lol @ Kevin,
I imagine your spot on Kev but I'd rather have last longers with you in some deep stacks than some reload - shove fest ;-)
You thinking of the next grading? I cant advise you how to play at them stakes cause your already clued up but I can give you loads of advice on charm and sophistication.

Again I'm not certain that you can take fish out of the on-line pool and put them in the live pool and expect them to perform, it certainly seems looking at some of the results that the live fish have struggled with this project.

Get your name down for the next one mate and show them who's daddy.
tc np wp glglgl

Kevin Stevens said...

Sorry I was'nt trying to be a dick (I don't have to try)and did come across a bit lacking in the charm department!And yeah you would kill me at real poker.

I was just making the point that you wouldn't expect to find the next tiger woods by testing him on his crazy golf, it all seemed a little flawed to me but you seem to have taken a lot from the process so I hope it turns out to be a worth while investment on your part.

I really don't think I'd want to play online for a living to be honest, at the stakes I can win at it takes more hours then my current job and's is utterly depressing!

The Rage said...

Hi Steve. I wont be in the DTD comp this time. I'd like to, but i'm not quite ready for the bigger comps yet.I've still got a long way to go in my poker education. Hopefully, i'll bump into you in real life one of these days. If i do, i'll say hello.
Have a good bank holiday weekend and go and win the big one next week.
All The Best-Rage.

Eck said...

22 was a fairly ropey call, that guy is an absolute fish he was obviously on his second bottle of wine and wanted to go to bed.

Steve H. said...

Hi Kev.
Didn't think you came across as a dick mate. I got a lot from it and there's stuff in it that I dont agree with but I'll discuss that in more detail once the grading ends.
Thanks Rage, you have a good weekend to mate. say hello any time your passing mate be good to see you.
Eck, Fucking Eck, that you Jimmy?
I hope you used my chips well. Perhaps you should call your blog 22 seconds to busto?
Be lucky