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Day 23 in the Black Belt Poker House

My daughter Michelle and grand daughter Crystal have come for a few days and I try to spend some quality time with them although it’s hard when you got 6 hours of grinding to do, whats even more frustrating is I’m so determined to turn this poor run of form round. Every one that I sweat with is saying the same thing – your just running bad. I need to spend time with Michelle and Crystal but my heads miles away with this grading, I also seem to be in such a bad mood as well, is this the pressure of the grading? Or just lack of sleep.

Neil Channing phones me about mid-day to see how things are going. We chat for about 15 minutes and he tells me that there are about 13 graders that are winning and around 7 that are breaking even. I’m around $2k down to-date so I ask Neil if I have a realistic chance of still making Brown belt, He goes on to tell me that I’m not completely out of the running although right at the moment I’m probably one of the underdogs, everything is fine with me apart from my profit, so even though we’re not being solely judged on profit this is the area that I am failing in at the moment, he also says that if I can see the grading out then in all probability “you should make a blue belt”. I tell Neil that I’m not really interested in a blue belt although I will do my best to see it through.

After the call I’m left a little deflated and almost at the point of calling it a day even if I turn the profit round will it be too much, too little, too late?. I decide that I’ll play the cash in the account and try to turn the profit situation round, I’m happy with my performance in all the other criteria and at least I can look back and say I gave it my best shot.

I have a sweat session with David Thighe who’s one of the top graders as far as profit’s concerned. I fire up 5 tables at 3pm. I ask him to look for leaks in my play and at the end of an hours play he’s give me a couple of pointers and also said that my play when 4/5 handed was very aggressive and perfect – so the secret is to get to the last 4/5 of the STT’s. The pointers he noticed were mainly to do with playing to many pots early doors with marginal holdings and out of position, isn’t this a live fish tell?. Anyway – it was a good session, David is a good lad and a good player and wont be long before he takes something big down.

I complete a 7 hour session and finish the day on -£23


The Rage said...

Hi Steve. Good Luck with the DTD comp next week. Re the Back Belt grading. You're obviously a very good tournament player, live and online. One thing that strikes me, purely fom an outsiders point of view, is that the Black Belt grading appears to be very heavily geared to online cash poker, which seeems a little bit strange condidering that the people selected will be staked in big live comps such as WSOP etc. Just wondered what you think about that. I'm not knocking the cash game, or the players, but i do think that live tournaments,require some different skills from multi tabling online cash games, and vice versa.Anyway, i hope things work out for you. Whatever happens you've still got the top poker blog.
All The Best-Rage.

vinny said...

Stick with it Steve... You never know.

All the best.


Littleacornman said...

I know your playing 6 hours per day but surely you would need at least 1000 sngs to provide any kind of a sample size worth anything? Even at that, 1000 game downswing/breakeven runs are pretty standard.

GL anyways.Hope you make the grade.

Phillipia said...

I would be spending more time with the family, relaxing...but that's just me - and because I am soooo ignorant about poker:)

Good luck on the last couple of days here Steve. Don't give up...

Steve H. said...

Hi Rage.
Thanks, are you playing DTD?.
With ref to Black Belt Poker and your question: it certainly appears that way and initally we were told that profit would only be one of four area's in which we would be judged although I think most of the live guys that have taken part have all struggled.Some people seem to think that if your a good on-line player then you'll make a good live player and if your a good live player you'll make a good on-line player, I for one think thats a load of bollocks,90% of the players on line are using tracking software and other data mining applications with stats such as vpip, pfr, ftr, icm, PT3, HUM, wm and mmm, I think there is a skill in on-line poker and the skill is in using and mastering the software. Live poker is totally different set of skills completly, table talk, reading skills, odds, percentages and intuition. I think some of the fish from the on-line pond will suffer in the live ring without their software to help them out.

Thanks Vinny
Thanks buddy and I agree with you.

Steve H. said...

Thanks Phillipia,
Good to see you x

Michael said...

Stick with it Steve, you're nearly there and a switch in fortunes could soon turn the P&L around.