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Day 4 in the Black Belt Poker House.

There has been so much said that Neil is going to take X,Y & Z out to Vegas with him and that all this poker grinding is just a charade to get Nik and Neil a few dollars more to take with them on their flight to McCarren International Airport in May.

In that case then the 8 supposed people that have already got their Willy Wonka chocolate bar with their Brown Belt tickets enclosed must be in hiding then, cause everyone's got to do this grind, seasoned pro's, part time pro's, internet pro's, keen enthusiasts- EVERYONE. Neil has already said in his message that he sent to the graders that he was aware of the rumours and actually said that the supposed 8 would have to put that much more in than the other contenders just to prove that they deserved their place on this unique journey.

This unique journey has believers traveling from all over the country, Dougee in Ireland, Jonathan Lundy from Durham and once a week we all have to travel to London to the Big Brother House - the loose Canon card room nr Canon street tube station, This unique journey has 50 contenders sat in front of the lappy's for 6 hours a day, multi tabling 4 screens at a time, most of the time doing our bollocks in cause you cant bluff at this level - NO SHIT SHERLOCK,
I had 3h/4h on a 257JK board yesterday, betting on every street and pot betting the river after missing my flush and straight draws and getting called by 9 fucking high!!!!

Take it from me, there are 8 slots are up for grabs, if I didn't believe this then I wouldn't waste my time doing all this stuff.

Nik and Neil are getting the rake from Boyle for the grading period and it obviously costs to host the meetings at the Loose Cannon as it's a central London facility, I had never been there before being a northern lad and keeping mainly to the circuit but I have to say that I imagine this place would offer a fantastic atmosphere when full, it would need to be full mind to mask the noise of the tubes going past.

Without a winning day in front of me yet, I wake up with a headache from hell, not in the mood for the grind and just want to veg in front of the telly, I cant - I tell myself, come on son - be disciplined, pull your finger out and fire up the lap top. But I cant bear to have another losing day - I get some toast and a mug of tea, "right - you fucking $10 muppets, I coming after you" I tell myself.

11am - 1pm I have a winning session 5 /13 at last £14+ but my head is aching so I need to get down to the chemists, I also pick up some crispy duck for later and have my usual breakfast down at the KFC

3.30pm - 8pm playing mainly stt's returning 6 /26 and a loss of £47 gives me a nett result for the day of -£33 making the running total -£268

I need some fresh air and a change of environment so head down to the Broadway casino for the monthly £150 + £15 freezeout. 8k in chips and a 30 minute clock.

I make the dinner break with 5k. first orbit back and on my sb I re-raise all-in to a 3xbb raise in mid position, I tell the young lady "it's not enough to make you pass" wanting the call with my pocket 10s, till see flips the rockets!!!! I'm back home and in front of the laptop before midnight.

DTD's £300 main event on Saturday to look forward to and I'm hoping to get some Black belt Poker merchandise off Snoopy to wear. Thank you to everyone that came over and said that they were following my progress on my blog. I really do appreciate all your comments and good wishes.

Must get some shut eye now,


9.25am Going over to Telford to see Michelle and Crystal and then back for the grind tonight.

2.15pm, Just got back from Telford already done 3 of my six hours so will crack on.


havin_a_laff said...

F me - this seems like a tough gig. Dig in old chap.

ROSSI said...

alright steve
if you need any help with holdem manager/HUDs etc. I have put a lot of work into them over the the last year or so both on pokertracker2&3 and on Holdem Manager.

If you need any layouts/rules etc i could maybe send em ya. I know you said you were knew to tracking software and i remember when i first starting using them they were like a foreign language. I spent a lot of time on forums etc and trail/error so have a decent layout/rules/colour codes etc for both 6-max and full ring.

Just thought it might help and give you a head start on your grinding, let me know if you need any help.

Steve H. said...

H.A.L, digging in there mate...
Thanks for your offer mate.
I've had problems installing HM, error messages all the time, Playing DTD Saturday and hopefully on Sunday. My mates coming over on Sunday to install it although he doesnt know anything about the software he's a geek with computers.
I'll leave my number on your blog and if you can text me your number I'll give you a call as soon as it's installed. thanks mate.

snoopy1239 said...

Sent the shirt today first class. Might be a squeeze for DTD. But at least you have a free shirt. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve its Adam Vinson...i must admit i read your blog most days its a refreshing change from most blogs that just talk about hands in depth....c u tomorrow at DTD :-)

Steve H. said...

Thanks Adam,

Looking forward to a day off from the lappie....phew, what a grind.

Thanks for reading, dont really like to analyse hands on here as the chances are that it would entails someones (probably mine) exit hand (bad beat).

I try to keep it simple mate and just tell it like it is. good luck with the grading mate, and your bro

Steve H. said...

Thanks Snoops.