on 09:58

Day 22 in the Black Belt Poker House

So I reloaded the account for as much as I could get in today and after two hours I’ve already done £200 outdraw after outdraw and if it wasn’t happening to me then I wouldn’t believe you if you were to tell me about some of the hands and more importantly the stupid sick calls that people make when they’re an 8/1 dog

I bash another 2 ½ hours for a break even session intending to do the last 90 minutes later when I’m playing the DTD satellite.

Nik Persaud calls me around tea-time as I sent the lads a text saying that I was close to calling it a day, Nik asks how long I got left for today and offers to sweat me for an hour on team viewer and Skype. I fire up 4 tables and off we go. Nik sees first hand how bad I’m running getting the worse of it on 5 tables although winning the last one of the day for a -£10 session to finish the day -£210

I organise a sweat session with David Tighe for tomorrow afternoon, David is having great results on the STTs using an ICM module and other software, any help he can give me to plug up my leaks would be more than welcome.