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Day 21 in the Black Belt Poker House.

Well I was looking to get back some of my losses today before the levels increased tomorrow.
The last day of week 3 and I absolutely done my bollocks today, I could not win anything. I got my money in the pot so many times in good shape and oh so many times I came off worse. I cannot remember another day like this. Seven hours of grinding away and a day’s loss of £526

Week One -£190
Week two -£134
Week Three -£689

Total -£1013

When I started this grading I set myself some goals and targets most of which I have achieved but have failed miserably on the profit side.

Day 22 could be make or break for me now.


John said...

crikey, rough day. You can still get it all back on the higher level this week though, good luck!

888 Trading Ltd said...

good luck today mate. I've had a bitch of a week as well on STT's, was doin fine all year then a 25 BI swing with the weekend warriors. They seem to run good lol..best though was last night, reg'd in 8 x tourneys, 5 secs later the internet went down for 12 hours so make that 33 BI's down. good luck

Steve H. said...

Thanks Jon, I hope I can but with my budget almost eaten up for this venture I've only got so long before I say enough is enough.
Thanks 888. there never is a good time for the internet going down. I wish mine had gone down yesterday at 9am though. better luck this week.

Carmen said...

Come on Steve get your head from up your arse.
You said in previous posts that it wont all be profit related and profit accounted for just 1 of the judging criterea. you must be well up in the judges thoughts for what you do for black belt poker. you blog every day about your exploits, you do this betfair article every week which has been fantastic, you promote black belt when your out and about, your good looking, honest, and a good player just on a bad run yesterday until yesterday you were doing ok (about £500 down for nearly 3 weeks) fuck mate, given the amount you been playing i imagine a lot of people would/could have done a lot worse. you would be a good acquisition for black belt and like wise for you this is the chance you been waiting for. You can turn it round this week.
Be lucky, fingers crossed for you x

Dave (Brum) said...

Hey Steve,
dont give up yet buddy - your so close you should be able to taste it in your spit.

havin_a_laff said...

Hi Steve. All credit to you for sticking to it. If you got your money in good - its just variance and all that. Only good can can come from this effort. GL.

Newy said...

Keep ur chin up mate. U can still turn it round and like u said its not jus on profit and so hopefully u will be rewarded for the commitment u shown, Hopefully they will recognise not everyone is a cash player and as the sponsorship is for live tournaments and u r a tourney player with gud record that will be another contributing factor. Gud luck wiv next levels

Phillipia said...

Good luck, Steve. Hang in there - you have come this far and worked so hard...

BurnleyMik said...

Good luck mate with the step up. The variance has to turn at some point, just hope it is soon for ya.



Geoff said...


Rough time mate.

It always seems like these things happen at a time where you need them to go good.

Just a couple of comments from when I had my 8 months off work and tried to play more in the day.

1. Try to start the day off without a massive amount of anticipation. This can level out the mood swings. Controlling the mood swings for me was and is a massive task.

2. Take a regular break. I used to walk the dog or run a couple of the errands in between two 2 hour slots. I actually found this more valuable just after having a winning session, you get some time to savour the feelings of victory.

3. Playing on line for these sorts of periods is a true test of mental strength. Nothing more!

You already know how to play. Its just unlucky your having the low end of the variance now!

So keep at it and keep the mood strong.



Steve H. said...

Thanks Carman, your a darling and I hope to see you at the felt very soon x
Dave, Not giving up just yet, but watch this space......
H.A.L Thanks mate.
Thanks Newy (Paul) hope the mentors look at it like that.
Thanks Burnley Mick
Thanks Geoff, does that mean I got to go buy a dog now?. Trying to keep strong for the next 6 days mate.