on 12:25

Day 19 in the Black Belt Poker House

After getting back from London in the early hours and having drunk loads of coffee on the way home I’m not tired so I fire up some STTs for a 2hrs 40 min session +£66 I have to come off eventually when I just cant get enough games to start.

11.30am and I’m raring to go, I fire up and work through to 3.10pm and finish this session -£30 so an overall day of +£36

Brining my weekly total to -£163

Taking the day off today and banging in the hours on Sunday

Have a good weekend everyone ;-)


Dremeber said...

Hi Steve,

I'm looking for some new link partners. Let me know what you think of it.

The music? Mmh, not my cup of thee!


Steve H. said...

Added you up Dremeber. Thanks for joining up.

Dremeber said...

Hi Steve,

Returned the favor.