on 15:57

Day 18 in the Black Belt Poker House.

Having overslept, I drag myself out of the pit and grab a cold shower. I feel so jet lagged just from lack of sleep and I just had 7 hours kip and still feel like shit, perhaps I’m coming down with something, anyways- the cold shower indeed wakes me up although I’m not looking forward to the drive down to London.

As I’m driving down I remember how last weeks workshop was so much fun and educational and am hoping that this weeks is as good if not better.

I arrive just after 12.30 and the place is filling up.

There was an agenda set in place for today that Jen Mason emailed out earlier in the week although today’s meeting didn’t go to schedule, at times we were left milling around talking to the other graders and the 20 minute breaks seemed to go on for about an hour each.

James Keys was asked to do a presentation – which to his credit he did rather nervously and gained some confidence some ten minutes into it.

We had some brief progress report as to where we all are with Black Belt and what we need to do in the final ten days to secure a brown belt.

Having left the Loose Cannon at 9pm I had to find another tube station back to Stanmore as Cannon Street closes at 9pm

Stopped off at Paul Kings for a coffee on the way home finally turning the key in my door at 2am.