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Day 17 in the Black Belt Poker House.

I got back from Bridgnorth for 2am having spent the evening down there doing the updating of the Party Poker Womens Open.

I log on for 2.15am and I’m having trouble getting enough STT’s to go and I’m dropping down to the £20’s and jumping up to the £50 level when there’s just so little activity.

After four and a half hours I take a break being £20 down

I start again around 2.40pm fired up as many stt’s as I could. I manage a 130-minute session ending £10+

Overall result for the day being -£10 over 6 ½ hours.

Off to London today for this week’s workshop.


BurnleyMik said...

Gl at the academy mate.

Please could you update my blog link. My new blog is:


Cheers mate


Phillipia said...

You know I just come here for the music, right? Just kidding, but how many days is this balck belt thing? :)

Steve H. said...

Hi Babes,
28 days in da house then we find out who the Black Belts are.

Amatay said...

Keep grinding Steve.

On another subject you left a comment a few wks back about renting my accomodation out and saying you had some experience with that? One deal i seem to have got is a charge of 10% + VAT with no set up charges for my accom to be fully managed. This is with Iain Andrews? Does this sound any good?? Appreciate any advice tbh Steve. Maybe leave me a comment or send me an email or even add me on msn etc
Appreciate your busy atm from reading your blog posts it sounds like you are rushed off of feet with this Black Belt stuff.


Steve H. said...


Sent you an email mate.thanks