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Day 16 in the Black Belt Poker House
After getting back from Mad Marty and Spivvers down in Bridgnorth where we were playing sat’s for the 888.com world open to be filmed later in the year, I came 3rd in my heat and Andrea got heads up (only one prize) I decide to do an early morning stint electing to do six hours straight as I need to go back down to Bridgnorth tonight (Tuesday) as Andrea is playing in the Party Poker Womens World Open sat for a seat to the TV event to be filmed in two weeks time and I promised I would rail her.

Having fired up some STT’s I notice quite a few of the graders are on line and the games tonight seem as if they are being played by a tighter field. I hate being on a table with 4/5 frogs as the standard of play is so shit then, being called down with bottom pair and they fill their trips on the river.

1am Start.
2am +£100
3am +£50
4am +£10
5am +£50
6am +£50
7am +£85

So a winning day and about time too.
Running total for this week -£189

I’ll be doing another early session when I get back from Bridgnorth, as I need to get over to Telford on Wednesday and fell some fir trees that the neighbours are complaining about.


ROSSI said...

nice results today mate, keep playing like that and you will end the week well in profit