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Live Satellite at Bridgnorth Tuesday 12th May for the Party Poker Womens World Open.

We had a couple of No Shows that brought the starting field down to 15 runners although this was enough to meet the guarantee of the TV seat.

Lynne Beaumont had travelled down from Newcastle; there were also ladies there from Chester, Wales, Nottingham and the West Midlands.

Table One;
1. Neeve peters (Worcs)
2. Tina (Nottingham)
3. Anna (Wolverhampton)
4. Lois Clear (Manchester)
5. Fran Creed (Nottingham)
6. Michelle Bricknell (Birmingham)
7. Milly (Wolverhampton)

Table Two:
1. Maz (Birmingham)
2. Melanie Mathews (Wolverhampton)
3. Janet (Wolverhampton)
4. Kara (Corby)
5. Lynne Beaumont (Newcastle upon Tyne)
6. Natalie (Leicester)
7. Karen (Wolverhampton)
8. Andrea Gough (Cheslyn Hay)

100,000 in chips and a half hour clock.

8.30pm Spivver says “Shuffle up and deal”.

Blinds 1000/2000

No casualties

Blinds 2000/4000

20k pre flop, Js 5s 6h c/c Qc Millie A/I for 57k Anna calls, Millie AA Anna 7h5h river brick

Anna A/I P/F 22k with J9 v QQ Lois no help and Anna is the first to fall

Lynne A/I P/F with AQ v KK of Maz 160k pot XXX X X Lynne down to 3K

We then lose Lynne who is second out went out with 66 on an ace high board and a 3 way pot

Blinds 3000/6000

36k pot pre flop 5s Ks 4h A/I Fran called by Michelle for 57k F=QsJs M=QdKd Turn 4s river Qc (150k pot)

3 way 50k pot pre, 7hJdQc 16k call/call 2h A/I Maz (JhQh) called by Natalie (QdKd) 4h on the river.

Natalie is our 3rd player out.

Chip counts:

Table One:
Tina 51K
Lois 137K
Fran 132k
Michelle 148K
Milly 128K
Melanie 235k

Table Two
Maz 279k
Neeve 123K
Janet 77K
Kara 72K
Karen 47K
Andrea 72K

Blinds 5000/10000

A/I P/F Tina (K9) v Melanie (QT) 774 T 8 75k pot

Tina is our 4th player out

A/I P/F Karen (A5) v Maz (K5) 80k pot 443 Q K

Karen is the 5th player out

A/I P/F 120k pot Kara (A5) v Neeve (AQ) 38K 7 3

Kara is 6th out


1) Fran 103k
2) Lois 197k
3) Andrea 111k
4) Michelle 83k
5) Neeve 278k
6) Maz 173k
7) Melanie 337k
8) Millie 113k
9) Janet 110k

First hand on final table and Fran doubles up to 221k with AA v AK of Millie who is down to 10k

Blinds 7000/15000

Fran raised utg to 45k, Melanie (button) R/R A/I Fran calls with TT v JJ of Melanie 637A2

Fran is the 7th player to exit

Blinds 10000/20000

A/I P/F Millie (JJ) v Melanie (KJ) 96QT3 we lose Millie

Blinds 15000/30000

Andrea A/I P/F (TJ) 44k called by Janet Q5 and Lois A4 board comes 7AQ 2 7

Andrea 8th player out

Neeve A/I P/F (33) for 55k Melanie calls with A8 Michelle called with JQ board = 5A77k

Neeve 9th out

Chip counts:
Lois 120k
Michelle 250k
Maz 120k
Melanie 885k
Janet 130k

Blinds 20000/40000

Maz A/I P/F 120k KT, Janet A/I with JJ, Lois A/I with AQ board came 5A594 and we lose Maz. Melanie Chip leader passed 44 here.

Janet A/I P/F 89 v 8T of Melanie, board comes 676AJ and we lose Janet.

A/I P/F Michelle J4 v Lois with AT board JQ29A

Michelle Bricknell finished 3rd ($250 from Boylepoker)

We are now heads up…..

Lois Clear 600,000 v Melanie Mathews 900,000

Blinds 30,000/60,000

Lois A/I P/F with AK (240k) v (8h9h) Melanie. Board comes 24TJ8

Lois Clear finished 2nd place ($250 from Boylepoker)

Melanie Mathews wins the satellite and $500 from Boylepoker.

Melanie, a full time mother (2 boys and 1 girl) from Wolverhampton will now progress to the Party Poker Womens World Open to be filmed 24th– 27th May.

We wish Melanie the best of luck in the TV heat, she will be playing in heat One along with Annette Obrestad

Thank you to all the ladies who made it across to Bridgnorth.