on 13:07

Day 15 in the Black Belt Poker House.

Levels for this week are:

$0.50/$1 NLHE 6max/HU, PLO or $30+3 minimum STTs

Well we’re past the halfway stage now and I so need to get myself into the black.

£324 down from the first two weeks and it’s so important for my confidence to turn this figure round.

I get off to the worst of starts today.
Feeling alert after a good nights sleep I know from the outdraws against me in the first two games that it’s going to be on of those days.
Two hours in and I’m £90 down.
Four hours down and the gasket is blowing £165 down.
Six & ½ hours and I finish for the day with a loss of £274

These games on ipoker really are about getting it in with the worst hand and coming out on top or at least that what seems to happen against me but when I’m on the bluff and I’ve over barrelled at a pot and committed myself so I have to call the extra – do I get lucky- do I fuck.

Claire comes round for tea and we all decide to go down to Bridgnorth for the 888.com satelite, I finish 3rd going out with a full house v QUADS, whilst Andrea got heads up on her table.

Will be getting an early start on tomorrows (Tuesdays) sessions as Andrea is back over in Bridgnorth for the Freezeout of the Party Poker Womens Open so I’ll be going over there to rail her.
Done all my Tuesdays hours now so I'll be down in Bridgnorth tonight.


Michael said...

Can we change the song please, it's the same one every time I log in.

Steve H. said...

Hi Michael,
Job done mate - just been so busy with the grading

Scandalous Housewife said...

I love the song!

The Rage said...

Hi Steve. I have been following the Black Belt grading with interest.I think that the Black Belt site has the potential to become a massive part of UK poker. I dont envy you having to play all of those cash games,but, whatever the final outcome i'm sure that you will benefit from the experience. Best of Luck for the rest of the grading. I hope you come out on top.
I have a few song requests. No worries if you can't fit them in.
Big Yellow Taxi-Joni Mitchell.
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother-The Hollies.
Suzanne-Leonard Cohen.
All The Best-Rage.

Steve H. said...

Thanks Scandalous, always a pleasure.
Thanks Rage.
If I dont get selected at least my STT and HU games will have come on.

Your song requests are all up mate. Be lucky